Floating Standards

We say we have standards. We say we have principles. We say we have processes, protocols, checklists, charts, diagrams, etc.

We say, that is, that we have these things.

We do have standards, floating though they may be…

But, if these types of things are floating, how does one produce anything?

I’m all for flexibility, creativity, and forward thinking. I invite this with open arms.

This isn’t about that – it is about politics.

Certain people get to break the process in ways that aren’t beneficial. For example, bringing in subject matter experts and leadership to review products right before we send them out the door!

WRONG TIME for a product review!

These reviews should take place way up front in the messy creative part of the design process. That way, by the time all the production starts, those pesky little politics and opinions are all ironed out and the programmers can do their job.

But, what do I know? I have stable standards, but that doesn’t mean much when those in charge operate under floating standards.

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