Measure of Creation

In the Mormon culture, the term to “fulfill the measure of your creation” is often used in describing the importance of humans 1.) understanding that God exists 2.) that He has given us talents and skills and that 3.) we need to develop those capabilities and share them to our greatest potential. It’s kind of like the parable of the talents in the Bible – do what you can with what you have and quite possibly more will come your way.

Today the man at the gate does as he always does – says a little spiritual thought while he is looking at my identification card. Sometimes it is a blessing. Sometimes a quote. Sometimes a “God Bless you.” All are positive. All are for me, from him and in honor of God.

I don’t remember much about the other 10 people that have greeted me at the gate over the last five years. Perhaps the guy that remembered each of our names distinctly and called us by them before we showed our ID, but no one else.

A few weeks ago the evening news had a blip about a bus driver somewhere that had amazing discipline on her bus. She wasn’t this tough mean yeller that kept the kids quiet. She wasn’t taking home the honors class. All she had done is set up a system whereby the children would read books on the bus, write her a book report about those books, and earn prizes and privileges as they met certain criteria.

Is there anything to say but “Wow.”

How many lives have been changed or enhanced by the bus driver and the gate security men?

They didn’t just do the job. They enhanced the job. They made it more than it was intended to be and a result there are generations of people that will feel the impact in some way.

Fulfilling the measure of our creation, then, isn’t about us just doing our best, but rather fulfilling our measure moves forward the entire human race. The exponential power of thinking beyond the basics for the job, ultimately makes changes that impact that entire planet.

Each human being becomes a conduit, a masterpiece, a creator, a force…

The goal, then, becomes to use that ability to fulfill the measure of creation and not tear it down.

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