Unemployed Friends

A news article came from an RSS feed to my inbox today and it talked about the Congress leaving for home this weekend without ironing out the details on extending unemployment benefits.

The article mentioned a website that got started for the unemployed to talk to each other, or at least vent their frustrations.


There are pros and cons to joining online communities. This community especially since there can’t possibly be too much positive to say.

How will it impact the contributors? Will they find it a good place to vent with like minded people and then move on to more productive sites and endeavors?


will it further convince them that there aren’t jobs out there? Will they give up when they see thousands of posts from other talented and jobless souls?

It is hard to know. I’ve enjoyed most of the forums and communities, but I don’t linger too long. They serve their purpose for a few minutes or hours in my life and then I go do what I need to do.

Perhaps I should suggest some positive links for the unemployed friends community. I know a few jobless people myself and anything to cheer them up is good for us all. In fact, why not start a community of jobless that can talk to people with jobs? A little network?

Oh, wait, we already have it – Linked In – but, just may need to leverage it a bit better. I think I’ll log on and help someone out.

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