Anonymous Posts

Fair or not, I don’t have much respect for people who post comments to blogs under the “Anonymous” umbrella.

OK, the “I don’t have much respect” comment is a little strong to blanket across all comments.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter. If it is a compliment or an addition of helpful details, that is fine.

I just read a blog a friend posted (including a YouTube video) about the oil spill – how Obama was saying he was going to kick some *ars* and that he would call upon the experts for help. A person posted a comment under the “Anonymous” label about how the blog post was “close minded.” Not really sure what the person was getting at because it was such a vague and obtuse comment. It came off as one of those “I love Obama and so  you are close minded if you disagree with his approach” types of attitudes.

I’m not here to argue Obama. I tend to tune out all political leaders soon after they land in office and they realize they are just puppets in a larger machine.

I’m here to laugh and ponder upon someone who states that another is close-minded, but then doesn’t have the guts to open up about their own identity.

Ah well, free speech is sometimes a little too free and a little too meaningless. But, that is the beauty of our freedoms. Opinions are welcome!

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