The Washing Machine Principle/Approach

So, here’s my idea!

My ultimate goal is to get a job that allows me the flexibility of the washing machine principle/approach. Or, is it the washing machine/dryer approach?

Isn’t the goal to be more effective and efficient over time? Use less time on the minutia and more time on the big ideas and such?

Every Friday I wake up and part of my ritual is to go straight to the washing machine and put in a load of whites and then colors.

Here’s how it goes:

Input clothing
Pour in detergent
Turn the buzzer
Close the top of the washing machine

Leave the room and do other stuff – work, vacuum, clean, read a book, exercise on the treadmill

30 minutes later…

Pull clothing out
Put them in dryer for 40 minutes
Put colors in the washing machine

Leave the room and do other stuff – errands, work, exercise, book

40 minutes (or much more) later

Take clothes out of dryer
Load 2nd load from washer to dryer
Fold clothes
Put away clothes

Fold 2nd load

Think about it – the total work involved is all of 10 minutes on my part and the machines did over four hours of work for me.

I need to figure out how to apply this concept in my profession or in an entrepreneurial venture – leverage tools, people and technology to get a lot from a few minor decisions and a few hours a week.

It’s the birth of the washing machine approach!

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