I am Linchpin

A few weeks ago I read (listened) to the Linchpin book by Seth Godin. I wrote about it.

I realized that I am a linchpin. Things happen when I get involved. Things get implemented. People move forward.

I’m not brilliant, but I can strategize, orchestrate and work smart.

So, I’m finally embracing it at work.

It’s been invigorating to create a team from numerous groups, gather ideas, ask for help and move some great ideas forward.

We aren’t the top leadership. We aren’t in positions of power.

But, we can and will ensure the change that needs to happen, in fact does.

We will ask forgiveness later, but will we have to? After all, if they don’t approve of our actions, will they have a better idea to replace ours?


And so we will go forth boldly, nobly and with confidence.

It’s great to be a linchpin!

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