Do you ever realize you may have done something wrong at work while driving home? About six hours after the fact?

I do. Unfortunately, all the time.

Perhaps I am just delayed in my abilities to reflect on the happenings of the day.

Today was about an eight hour delay. Halfway home I realized that I might have done something inappropriate. I felt soo responsible for my comment that I wanted to stop right there and email the person from my Blackberry.

A team member had made a few comments in a certain way. I’m not sure if he was proud, joking, or even sarcastic. I fake swiped him from across the table. A fake slap, to be more clear. I do this all the time with my brothers. I forgot I wasn’t with them.

What did the other people at the table think? Did they think it was rude? Were they surprised? Did they hear me laugh afterwards? Or, see that he kind of laughed as well?

I don’t know.

I don’t remember it that well either because I was leading the meeting and had to move forward.

Either way, I’m embarrassed. He got an apology email before I got home. He can handle it, but it was wrong.

Now, the trick is to have the common sense kick in next time BEFORE I do a fake slap.

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