96 calls – bill collectors

Today a friend announced that he got 96 calls from bill collectors TODAY ALONE!

He has fallen on hard times. The same companies make calls about 5-6 times a day.

So, is anyone keeping a list of these credit card companies? Those that employ extra special (awful) tactics in tough times?

Here are some of the things they ask:

  • Can we have access to your bank account?
  • Can you give us the address or phone number of a family member or friend that we can contact?
  • Can you give us access to a family member or friend’s bank account?

Really? If  someone has fallen on hard times, do you think they haven’t contacted one of the above people for help? And, can you imagine if you actually gave them a friend/family member’s contact information? Let’s just say that your friend or family member may kill you and so the bills would then become irrelevant.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if the companies would call and ask these questions?

  • We’ve noticed that you’ve had trouble making your payments. How can we help you?
  • Can we set up a payment plan? Start small and eventually your payments get larger as you have capacity to pay? (You know, like student loans)
  • Do you have something that you could provide as a collateral? Like, refinance a car that was paid off and give the title to them in exchange for cash to pay bills?

Best yet, will you make these kinds of calls to other people like you 10 hours a week for the next X number of weeks in lieu of paying us?

These are the times were companies become remarkable – or not.

Which one will you be?

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