Priceless – Human Vaults

It starts on the playground as the little girls gossip about each other:

“What did she say?”

“Did she give you a sticker?”

“She didn’t invite me over to play?”

“I can’t believe she is wearing that shirt!”

“Don’t tell anyone, but if you promise to keep it a secret…”

It continues on through high school, college and life. If, left unchecked.

Do you gossip? Do you criticize? Do you keep your word when you say “what is said in this room stays in this room?”

I’m a lucky person. There are at least 2-3 friends in my life outside of work that are walking vaults when it comes to keeping information private.

I don’t think they would share a secret on their death bed. They guard secrets with their life.

Are you a vault? Do people trust you with their information?

Value of a human vault in life and in the workplace – priceless.

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