Reflecting on this blog

A few years ago I started this blog to download from my mind the absurdities that happened at work. The first few entries focus on the day by day Dilbertian moments that sometimes happened on an hourly basis.

Why do we let our offices stay true to the realities that are made fun off in numerous movies (Office Space), TV shows (The Office), and cartoons (Dilbert)?

You would think it would lead to change.

Well, it doesn’t. Except, that I’ve noticed a change in myself, especially over this past year.

My blog is changing as a result of my experiences – my reading, my conferences, my people interactions…

Now, it is finally starting to fit the title – a future leader that muses about becoming a leader. Through reading Seth Godin and Tom Peters, I’m realizing there is a way to learn from the crazy day-to-day office and turn it into lessons learned, profound insights and …meaningful experience.

My writing isn’t perfect, but my thought process is turning into a leader’s way of thinking – what can I learn from this? How can I help my team grow? How can I make their weaknesses irrelevant? How can I improve upon my own? Can I find a way to stop doing what I don’t like and build upon what I do? Am I building my relationships right – be it at home, work, on the street or at a conference?

Now I get my own purpose for this blog – I’m sharing my journey toward leadership. I thought I was further on the path, but the more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn and how far I am from my goal. But, it isn’t discouraging! It is invigorating to know that I have a chance to keep struggling toward becoming a better leader.

Thank goodness my blog title was ahead of me, as well it should be.

After all, leaders should always be reaching forward, right?

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