Blog with no readers – leaders with no followers

This blog has no readers. Well, maybe just one – me.

I can tell by my blog traffic map.

For now, that is OK. After all, this is where I’m writing down my day-to-day experience and figuring out how to be a successful leader and in what area I want to lead.

However, sometimes it is a bit hard to just talk to myself. Some of us would be leaders need that one special follower. Perhaps it isn’t the right time for that, or not the right time in this venue.

Sometimes I realize that I should perhaps be the first follower of someone else. There are so few that I really want to follow. Right now I look to Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Stephen R. Covey, and other successful leadership and marketing gurus. Spiritually, I look to other leaders (Christ, prophets, etc.) and my parents.

Check out this video – it really made me think about the importance of not only leading, but learning to be that all important follower.

After all, what is a leader with no followers?

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