Limiting the horizons

Right now my life has ALL kinds of challenges – some I’ve brought on myself and some that are the will of God.

Even so, I’ve held myself back. I’ve made excuses and justified myself. I’ve led myself to believe that this is how it is supposed to be right now, with recession and all.

Not so, and friend told me so point blank at the Silver Diner on Saturday.

“You are holding yourself back Rebecker and you need to stop blocking the gifts of God for you.”

And so, in an effort to unblock, I am moving on. In many ways.

After all, I wouldn’t want all my Seth Godin and Tom Peters readings to become a thing of not.

I will reach out and try new things. I will extend myself and my talents and see what comes my way through the mere desire and willingness to do so.

It reminds of the quote that I love from the book “Notes to Myself” by Hugh Prather.

“The horizon ceases to be the horizon once you get there.”

And so, I’ve reached some of the far off horizons and have started to look down. Now is the time to look up and see the next.

What will it bring?

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