Can you control it?

Today I had a “series of unfortunate events.”

First, the bank messed up something in my account at the perfectly wrong time.

Second, in an effort to re-arrange the refrigerator for some leftover spaghetti sauce, I somehow triggered the fall of a huge plastic bottle of Welches grape juice…which ended up all over the refrigerator insides, the floor and part of the area carpet.

Third, some clothing alterations weren’t quite making me look like I thought I should.

How was I feeling? OUT OF CONTROL.

But, I remembered that I’m the “nudger” that is always telling a friend to “take action on what you can control and don’t worry about the rest…for now.”

So, I took my own advice and got to work on some errands, helped a friend pack boxes and ….cleaned up the grape juice one compartment at a time. (You were worried about that, weren’t you?)

And somehow tonight ….all is ok.

Even though the bank is still an issue, and I haven’t lost 30 pounds to look good in my new clothing, taking action gave me some ideas. I thought of some possible solutions that I hadn’t considered before my semi-annoying day.

Taking action on what I could control has now inspired me to take control of the situations I felt out of control on earlier today.

Can you control everything that is going on in your life? Probably not.

Take a small break from worrying and take action on something you can control. Perhaps a little idea will come to your mind you never considered. And, if it does…take action!

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