No Writer means No Visitors

So, I haven’t written on this blog for a while and …no person has visited it for a while. Not even a web crawler has visited this site for a while.

All good and all in good time.

This means I’ve been busy. Busy with work. Busy with non-work. Busy with ideas and other such things. Busy figuring out how to capture these thoughts in less negative ways.

Take Seth Godin, for example, who always says what I say …except people follow him!

So, that is part of my quest. Figuring out what people like and what they don’t respond to.

I may even close this blog and offer those thoughts and outcomes on another site or two. Will keep myself posted on that because…like I said earlier…no one is reading these thoughts. (-:

Good news though – I am now a leader. Not because I got a huge promotion or raise. Not because I was christened leader by those that think they have control over my life.

I am a leader because I decided I was going to be a leader. And, I formed my own tribe. A leader after all, becomes so because people start to follow and not because a piece of paper said so, correct?

Now, I have a following to attend to and lead. And, leaders still have musings. (-:

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