At the June 2012 Innovations in Learning Conference at George Mason University, I learned a bit more about massive open online courses (MOOCs). I had heard about them before, but not under the MOOC acronym.

So, naturally, I signed up for two of them at the same time this August.

One (Gamification) was through the Coursera site/system from a Wharton professor. One (EdStartUp 101) was offered through a individually created WordPress site by David Wiley (BYU professor) and Richard Culatta (a former BYU learning technologies advisor, but now Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology).

Both were great courses and in both …I was a lurker, stealth participant. Yikes. Not intended, but most of it was timing.

I will definitely have some thoughts to share on MOOCs – the good, the bad, the ugly and …the possibilities.

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