Stop Stealing Dreams – it’s time to change education

Most Seth Godin followers have been hearing him talk about the education dilemma for years. He’s not alone. Clayton Christensen, Harvard Professor, wrote Disrupting Class. One of the most popular Ted videos is from Sir Ken Robinson speaking about education paradigms.

Seth Godin just completed his first Ted talk and it too is related to how we must think about education going forward.


How long will it take us before we make the change? These guys have been talking about this for years and yet we still (in K-12, college, and even the workplace) follow the industrial revolution approach to educating. Perhaps we don’t realize that it all starts with THE ONE.

We do see some evidence of this with the open classroom concept, the MOOCs, the flipped classroom. However, these are still a bit of a “classroom” paradigm.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m definitely going to keep thinking on it.

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