#DevLearn 2012 – where I will not be

It was in the plan. Go to Vegas, present my DAU Mobile presentation on the “Mobile Stage” set up by the famous Judy Brown and hear a few GREAT keynotes and sessions. My husband and I don’t have a thing for Vegas, but we were excited to spend the weekend at the Grand Canyon.

But, alas, Hurricane Sandy had other plans! There was a point where I thought I would drive to Vegas and then another point where I thought I should drive a few hours to an airport that had flights going out.

And then I had the point where I realized I could use this time to create a YouTube presentation and catch up on my work! Surprisingly, it is easier to fly out and present! It takes a while to craft slides to deliver virtually and even my 5-10 minute segments seem too long for the online format. Or, perhaps my voice is just too soothing for this sort of thing. (-:

Either way, I did it! I created a three part presentation of what I might have delivered at DevLearn. It is always better in person because people ask questions and we get a conversation going. But, here it is and who says we can’t have a conversation about it online? After all, that’s what all these social tools are for!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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