One little message in a bottle – does your feedback make a difference?

Don’t think your feedback makes a difference?

That’s not what the person thinks that finds that one message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle on an isolated beach

Busy lives, lots of social connections, our own blogs to update….

Who has time to give feedback?

A week ago I created a small online course – Authenticity on Twitter – and put it on the Udemy Platform. I was elated to get 28 subscribers in a week! Just a couple of tweets and sending the word out to my friends and I had exceeded my expectations!

a screencapture of the Authenticity on Twitter course
Authenticity on Twitter – a FREE course on

However, after all these subscribers, and only one week of professorship under my belt, I was worried that I couldn’t tell how people really felt about the course.

Were they finishing it?

Was it helping them?

Did I completely miss the point?

I decided to ask for feedback in each communication that I sent out to the students.

The other morning I woke up and checked my phone and was surprised to see a feedback notification.

A five-star review ….with comments!

screen capture of the five star feedback a student gave my course
My first feedback on the Authenticity on Twitter course

This was the moment I had been waiting for – some kind of signal that I was on the right path. No, I’m not foolish enough to think that one review means that I’ve “made it.” But, it was great reinforcement to keep plugging along and getting meaningful learning products out there to those that want to learn.

If we want to create better learning experiences going forward, we NEED the students to tell us what helped, what didn’t and how they can help.

Give out your one little message. It doesn’t have to come in a bottle. It can just be a simple remark. But, give someone feedback today. They need it to improve and press forward with their big ideas!

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