Email Announcements – Cancer Strikes

However appropriate or inappropriate, we have an email going around at work today about an employee that has one month to live. Cancer struck and is taking him quickly. I’ve worked with this person on different projects over the years. He is probably in his 50s and had no outward indication of any health issues.

Emails like this immediately wake me up. The urgency of dealing with minutia projects and tasks fall away and reality hits:

  • Good health is HUGELY important. Without it, we aren’t operating at our best capacity or may not exist.
  • Life is short – even if 60, 70, or 90 years seems short to you, guaranteed that anyone that age still feels like it went too fast.
  • Take time TODAY for those that matter – not next month or next year. Choices today become next week, next month and next year before we know it.
  • Treat everyone you meet with respect and kindness – you may never see them again and remember that each individual has secret battles to face.

Right now I’m working on a massive spreadsheet. It seemed really important a minute ago. Now I think I’ll take a break. I’ve got a serious note to write to a person that has one month to live. Plus, there are a few doctor’s appointments I’ve put off for a few months.

Take time today! It matters.

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