Episode 2 – The Note

How often do you take the time to write a note to thank others or express gratitude? A note may keep an exceptional employee from leaving an organization. The act of writing a note may change your life. Listen to this podcast to find out examples of both and more.

Episode 2 Show Notes

  • Expressing thank you and gratitude remain an important part of our personal and professional lives.
  • Keep a list of those you thank. This habit serves as a reminder of how many people are involved in making your life possible and meaningful.
  • Book – A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik – https://amzn.to/31YDXyB
  • Book – The 10 Minutes Refresh for Moms by Nicole Clark – https://amzn.to/2p7nfOJ
  • Check out Nichole’s website at www.refreshformoms.com and www.chooseanamazinglife.com

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Episode 2 Script

This is Rebecca Clark episode to the note. This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Welcome to the episode and excited to share this topic today, and I’m calling it the note, and I’m going to start off sharing an experience that I had about five years ago. I was being recruited by an organization to start up a training division. This is very exciting to me because that would be like a dream job. In many ways, I’ve always wanted to be a chief learning officer or to start the training division. Not always, but for the last 25 years, so that has been kind of in the back of my mind. And so they’re actively recruiting me, and I was looking at That’s like my word. This is a great opportunity. I could do some of it virtual some of it in person. It would be kind of a change from what I’m doing. I was doing large scale production management of some online products and during that little time period was a very brief time period where this offer was taking place. Within a couple of weeks, I was asked to present to our board of visitors at my organization and to talk about some of the new trends in learning and learning systems and training. And so I presented to them and we had a new president of our organization. At that time, I knew what I was talking about and shared, and the next morning I received an email from the new president copied to the head of our division and to me saying, Thank you, Rebecca. You shared some great insights and just were very knowledgeable. And it was great, too. See what you had to share. Thank you for sharing it. It was very impressive. And when I opened that email and read that it was so thrilling, like, you have that rush go through your body hike. Oh, wow, you know, first of all, he appreciated it, but secondly, he wrote a note and that it’s so rare in many of our work environments and our personal lives that when we get that, we can have a rush of emotion. And that was important at that time because the night before I had had a serious conversation about going to this other organization, and when I received that note and the feelings I had at that time, I decided that I had more to offer where I waas and that ended up being a good thing. Because down the road I found out and heard some things that made me realize that the other opportunity would have stopped dead in its tracks. I would have been searching for something else. And so that was a really important moment for me is I was the recipient of a note of someone expressing Thank you, expressing gratitude and it only took a minute. Now that’s important, because I have another story to share. One of my brothers is in sales, and he was working for an organization a few years ago. It was a typical sales organization where they had their monthly targets and their pipelines and all of this that they had to meet and show that they were performing personally as a team and for the overall organization. And one day at lunch, they were all pulled together to listen to a presentation of an award to one of their team members, and I thought that was interesting because that didn’t happen. I mean, you have your targets and everything you’re supposed to meet, but it’s not like that’s on award ceremony here. Anything. I guess they had bonuses and that kind of thing. And so they see this teammate getting special recognition and a very nice gift certificate to a restaurant or something on. And it was just It was kind of a feel good moment where the all the sales guys like, wow, you know, this is pretty great. I didn’t know we were gonna acknowledge this and everything, and it was the top sales guy. And so it was very important for all the gals and guys that were doing the work to see that there are some recognition happening. And so after this little event, my brother’s like, Hey, that was really cool. I’m glad that they’re recognizing everyone. And Hiss friend said, I made that happen. I went out and got my own gift certificate and I went to the boss and I said, I want to be recognized for being the top sales person. It is not enough for me to look at the chart and see myself at the top. It is not enough to have this little commission. I want to have an official recognition in front of my peers of the work I do, and I want that coming from you and for me, that was a very powerful story to see how important it is to recognize people for the work they’re doing and take that moment to express gratitude and thank them for their work they’re doing. And it’s not just important for that person. It’s important for all of those who are observing the situation. And that’s really telling, I think, because in the case of my brother and this top sales person, and in the case of my story, we’re all educated, experienced people, that air making nice salaries. And so there’s lots of books written about this on motivation and everything, and I’m not gonna get into all that. But it shows that no matter how successful we are, what we d’oh, we still yearn for that appreciation and someone acknowledging that what we’re using our brains to do is meaningful to them, to the business, to the home, to the club, whatever it is and so I know that my entire life I have actually felt very strongly about writing notes. Now I am hitting Miss. I will go for a year or two where I write a note to every person that I want to write a note to, to thank, and I’m grateful. And then I kind of fall off the wagon for a couple of months. I think my nieces and nephews and families get attest to this, too, right? I remember a couple birthdays a year then I don’t remember that the next year that I remember other people’s birthdays and send things. And so this is tough to keep up with, I think for most of us on a daily basis. But it it comes down to attitude first, an attitude of being thankful and grateful. And then, along with that attitude, finding out a way to implement an actual way to inform people besides just the verbal, to put this in note form as much as possible. There is a book that I read a few years ago, and I reread it again last year. It’s called a simple act of gratitude, how learning to say thank you changed my life. And this is by John Kralik. Like this guy was in bad shape. He was a lawyer. He had his own little law firm and everything, but somehow his life was falling apart. He’s going through divorce. His law firm wasn’t able to keep clients or something was happening where things were just falling apart one by one. And somehow he has this moment where he’s talking to someone and realizes he needs to be more grateful. Or maybe they suggested that he should be more grateful. And so he’s like, Oh, this is gonna be really hard because of the holidays or something. He was lonely, is often his little apartment now, and he doesn’t get to see his daughter that much, and he’s just not on a good path. He decides to start being more grateful, and it’s his way of doing it, he thought. Well, all right, one thank you. Note a day for a year, and he gets started. And as many of you can guess, it’s easy to keep a habit for a couple days and then you have one event or one, something that gets you out of habit, and you can go a few more days. He has fits and starts as he starts to write these thank you notes, and at first it’s very hard to even find anything to be grateful for. So I think he does start with his daughter, you know, to think over something. And then he notices the mailman and then, like the janitor at the apartment and then maybe someone at work. And along the way he decides to keep a spreadsheet of everyone that he’s written a thank you note to or a gratitude note. And why, like, what was it that caused him to select them? The Senate’s, too, And it’s really interesting to see what happens because you hear about this and all these books about gratitude that your life changes for the better. He saw that all of a sudden people start reaching out to him. They want to be with him more. They start doing nice things for him. Like someone helped do extra work at the office. Someone put a plant on his desk like these little things start showing up. People start responding to him in kinder ways than before, and then he goes through this period where he realizes, Wait a second. I was so far gone. I didn’t even know I was treating people worse. And now that I’m treating them better, I’m seeing what a different person I had become a that time. And now seeing the change that’s coming now. So at the end of the day, his life gets a lot better. His relationships get better, his work gets better, has helped gets better. And all of this from this simple act of gratitude of writing notes, simple little notes. When I read this book, like I said, I’ve always had strong feelings about writing notes and expressing gratitude. But I started a spreadsheet, and I kind of upped my game of writing Thank you notes. And the beauty of this is, is that you start to realize how many people you have in your life, that air helping you just get through each day and help you do your work or help you take care of your family or help. You have the guts to keep trying those things you want to try in life, and at first I kept the spreadsheet. I thought I thought how feel a little weird tracking all these thank you notes that I am creating for other people. It felt a little selfish or a little proud to do so. And then I realize, No, that’s not this at all. As I’ve kept this, I realize I have so many people to thank in life that are part of my life in little ways and large ways. And the act of writing the note and locking this on the spreadsheet made me feel like a rock star. I don’t know how to describe it, but when you’re writing a note for someone, you think about them, you think about why you’re grateful for what they’ve done for you or how they are who they are. You have this feeling rise up in you that you feel good that you’re acknowledging this for them. So this you know, when you look at all these different aspects of personal growth and gratitude and I’m improving in our life and our work, it’s it’s crazy that this simple act can change so much. And so this is something that I said I Evan, flow on this and I’m getting better and better, but have a few suggestions. I also read a book by Nicole Clark. Refresh for moms, and she had this idea. You’ve heard of gratitude journals. Keep a journal for someone in your life that you love, that you may not be expressing that love too well or someone you’re having a difficult relationship with or just for spouse or family member. And they may be the person you’re having a difficult relationship with, I don’t know, start keeping a private gratitude journal about them, thinking of one thing a day that you’re grateful for, and I loved Nicole’s example of keeping it with her husband. And so she kept a journal for a year. And every day she tried to find something to be grateful for about her husband. And she said that when she did that at the end of the year, she gave him the journal and you could choose to give it to them or not. But she said it changed their relationship, her taking that moment in her life each day to find something to be grateful for, and her husband improved their relationship drastically. And so I have started one of those with my spouse, and I like the idea of doing that for someone. Maybe if you’re having a hard time working with someone or with a family member or a neighbor, like maybe keeping a little journal where you seek to find something to be grateful for about them. And this is not something that’s a thank you note, but it’s a private gratitude journal. At some point you may be ready to write them a note, and it may take a while, but it could change everything. So as far as something to encourage you to do gratitude journals write Thank you notes. Track the thank you notes. You write in a spreadsheet and notice what happens and see what comes of it. Now I do have a side note I often hear stay at home. Parents talk about how they’re missing out on some recognition and relationships at work and not, you know, getting the kudos and thank you’s that come from it. And I will say, in the 25 years or so that I have been working, I have never seen enough recognition and enough gratitude enough thank you’s in the work place, and so I don’t think this is something that people are lacking if they don’t get to be in a work environment or they don’t get certain opportunities. I think this is something that human beings, as a population, could benefit from working on. All of us may be able to make improvements and how often we express gratitude and and give thanks to those that assist us and just plain living. So press forward. I hope these stories triggered some thoughts in you. And if you want to push back with other thoughts, please do. Great day. Thank you for listening to another episode of the show. You enjoy listening. I would love if you would take the time to use the five starving, I’m sure the podcast with friends that are also seen their best.

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