Episode 3 – Find Your Idea

This episode shares a resource that anyone trying to improve their work or take on something new can quickly access to get their mind into brainstorm mode. It’s a podcast that comes out almost daily and is packed with different examples from entrepreneurs, employees with side hustles, and people that engaged in one-time sprints to earn cash for a special need.

Episode 3 Show Notes

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Episode 3 Script

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode three: Find your idea with the Side Hustle School. This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and ready to go.

Welcome to the show today. This is Rebecca, and I’m excited to share it with your resource that I think many of you will find valuable. I know that I sure have. And I’m anxious to get back into listening to some podcast from this resource because it’s been a while. But I came across it again, like, Oh, I’ve got to share this. First of all, I want to acknowledge who nudged me to look at this resource. And that was my brother Christopher. He was looking for a side gig or thinking about how to turn some of his ideas into something, and he told me about it. I wrote in my notebook like I always do when people tell me about podcast books or other resource is. And then I sat on it for a while, and that happens in life because some of us have a lot of people telling us about different resource is to look at. So I finally took it. Listen, and I was hooked because there were so many ideas shared and it really helped me realize that each and every one of us have something to offer others. And we can move forward with that if we’re connected to the right resource is and people to help us do that, especially if we’re having trouble thinking about how we can get started. And so this resource, I believe, is something that you could look into if just to listen to or to read his books or to participate in what he calls the society. So this is the side hustle school started by Chris Gila Bo. I hope I’m saying that correctly. And he wrote the $100 start up the art of nonconformity and born for this. He also has this society, he calls, and basically it’s a community. I think that you signed up for and to help you get started creating another source of income with your current talent and skills, and he provides different sessions toe hope you help you think through the idea, find which ideas best for you and get the nuts and bolts and everything going so highly recommend looking at side hustle school dot com and looking at these Resource is now. I’m specifically going to talk about the podcast today because I think First of all, if you’re someone who’s wanting to start a podcast, it’s good to take a look to see how short he creates these and how frequent. He’s more of a daily podcaster, and he shares 7 to 8 minute podcast, and this is extremely valuable tow watch, and I think everyone has a different way of presenting information. But this works for him, and I think it works for his listeners because he’s got quite a few 1,000,000 people, or at least a few 1,000,000 downloads going on. And I understand why. Because I’ve listened to it. So here’s what he does. He takes one person’s experience, explains their story of how they got started and how their little side gig is doing right now. Now there’s all different kinds of examples. So there is one example where a girl wanted to pay her college tuition, and so she made like 1000 500 cheesecakes and sold them, and I think that’s an example where someone wanted some money fast. They did one big sprint on a product and they earned the money and he’s showing how we can gear up To do something like that also shows examples of how people love their day job but have a side interest. And so they start pursuing the side interest and they realize it’s making good money. But they still like to keep their day job, and maybe they have the right balance in their personal life to be able to pull that off. There’s other people that start the side gig, and they realize they love that much more than their day job. And they quit their day job and turn that side gig into a big deal. And there’s others that might be a state home parent that they do really just want to have a side thing s so they can keep other priorities and check. And so there’s a wide variety of examples he gives, and I think that’s important because all of us I want to pursue our ideas in different ways, and sometimes we’re not sure how to do that. Sometimes we think we may have to conform to a certain way to do it. But his podcast really share so many examples. I think he’s at 984 episodes right now as I’m recording this, so lots and lots of different examples of how people start them, how much they’re making. I think I already said that, but also some of the challenges they’ve gone through and what kind of skills you have to do or to have to do what they’re doing. And, uh, if there’s high profit potential, low profit potential, ease of starting some of those factors, and he does this all in seven or eight minutes now, of course, he has show notes with that little couple facts and words of wisdom along with it. But what I really liked it is, especially when I was commuting for 40 minutes in 40 minutes, I would be exposed to six or seven examples, maybe of different ideas. So if you’re someone who doesn’t have ideas, this is great to listen to because you start to think of different ideas of something you could pursue. And if you’re someone like me who I’m constantly having different ideas, but I’m not sure which one’s act on which ones to share with others so they can act on them. It starts to get your mind thinking about, Oh, I was thinking I could take my idea and implement it this way, but maybe there’s a possibility of implementing it another way. And so I think it’s good for all different kinds of people, and not just to create a side gig, because it is called side hustle school dot com. But anyone that wants to pursue a different idea or different craft you can look at and go look at what they’re doing because some people aren’t planning to turn it into this huge moneymaker. But they have gained a sense of community from it and connected with more people with their interests. Or they have just plain felt more fulfilled by having this way to implement their side idea. So take a listen to it and check out the other Resource is I think this is a great tool that you may not listen to every day, like I don’t listen to this every day, but when I do listen to it, I sent uh, I’ve listened to like 20 episodes in one big, long hour, too, because it’s just gotten my mind thinking in different ways. And so take a look again. A side hustle school dot com There are a couple of different side hustles shows out there, so this is the side hustle school dot com. I’m sure the others are great, too. This is the one that I am featuring today, and I am purposely sharing this and sharing it in a short podcast format to demonstrate how much time his typical episode takes. So just another resource to help you move your desk have a great thank you for listening to another episode of the move your desk show. If you enjoy listening, I would love if you would take the time to give a five star reviews and share the podcast with friends that are seeking to find deep your best

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