Episode 9 – Pivotal Nudgers

Think about those around you that straight up share with you their thoughts, or connect you to like minded people, or tell you about resources and opportunities you may never have known without their nudge.

These people are important to your growth and progress and they should receive your special care. Certainly thank you notes, but also sharing who they are and what they do with what they know. These people are pivotal nudgers and we need to make sure that they keep doing what they do to inspire us to become our best.

Episode 9 Show Notes

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Episode 9 Script

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode nine Pivotal Nudger’s This’ll podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move? You’re going to hear a lot of name dropping on this show, and I mean that in the sense of I want to share with you different people and resource is that have helped me make decisions in my life and in how I do my work and how he interacted with others and haven’t been inspiring. And I call these people pivotal nudger’s, because when I’ve had interactions with them, whether it’s one time or overtime, it has helped me pivot in a different direction with my actions or my thinking are my feelings about certain things, and I have been the better for it Now. Sometimes I should put a caveat. There are pivotal Nudger’s that perhaps had a negative impact on my life when I look at it from one perspective at the same time realizing that there will always be people that influence us in what we view as positive or negative ways, and we can learn a lot from people that say or do something that cause us to feel a certain way, and then we take particular action, and that’s on us for reacting in that way. But we can look back on that, at least in a Oh, I learned something from that. If anything, maybe I don’t want to be like that person. But I want to really focus on those pivotal nudger’s that have made a difference in my life and work because one of those activities that I believe we should do when we have people in our lives that are giving us ideas supporting us, sharing with us resource is and helping us move forward that we take care of these people. They’re kind of like a preferred client, right? They get extra gifts, they get extra care. We highlight them more to make sure that other people know of the goodness they’re doing. And so I have quite a few pivotal nudgers in my life there, so many stories I could share about this. But I’ve chosen to share one because it was a very small moment, and the person doesn’t realize that this had a positive impact on me for over 20 years. I can see the influence of that moment in a parking lot at college that had an impact on me. And there’s so many other stories and I know you have them and I hoping that this creates an awareness in you to start thinking of those moments Maur and honoring them for what they are and taking care of those people beyond a thank you note that have offered feedback to you or resource. Is there any of these things that I’m talking about? So I was in college. I’m working part time. I’m taking all my classes. I’m involved in all the intramural sports and fully engaged. I really enjoyed staying very busy in college and my job waas to be a facilitator in a trainer at a training center. And so that was what I did every day. And I had also decided to stay a year longer in college to get a secondary teaching certificate. So training facilitating this is part of my life. And it also happened that I had a responsibility for the young adult congregation eyes in a church on campus to teach every month of the women, and so I would prepare a lesson and we’d have a discussion. I facilitate that. And I had just done that this Sunday. I’m walking home with my roommate, Katherine Colby. Katherine Coby Reynolds now, and we’re walking through this parking lot and she says to me something to the effect of I don’t like how you taught. It’s not you. You’re not talking the way that Rebecca talks. Like what? And she says, Well, you’re talking in these soft tones and trying to be all soothing and pleasant and that’s not you. That’s not how you talk. That’s not Rebecca. Now, I can’t remember all of the thoughts I had at that moment, but I’m going to assume that I probably thought, in a matter of two seconds, that’s rude. That’s mean what, not me. What and kind of go through this little conversation in my head briefly while simultaneously having to carry on a conversation, and I don’t remember what I said back. But I do know that it made an impression on me to the point that it did change my teaching and my facilitating. So the next time I taught the women and in the facilitation and training sessions I would conduct on a regular basis. I presented a more authentic Rebecca. I just talked like I am right now, and when I wanted to laugh, I laughed. When I wanted to be firm, I was firm and if I happened to get soft, so be it. But I didn’t come in talking like this, making sure everything was calm because that was not me. That was not my natural state and she had the guts to call me on it. Now she had the guts to call me out a lot of things, which I really appreciate it, and she was really fun along with that. But the point is that these air, those little moments that add up and we’re lucky all of us to have people in our lives that are willing to say what needs to be said to us and sometimes that will appear negative and sometimes it could appear negative to everyone and think, Wow, stay away from that person. But there are still things to be learned from those that may be giving us what could be termed as negative nudges. But I wanted to make sure that I shared a short podcast about pivotal nudger’s because you’re going to be seeing some episodes where I specifically talk about one person and what they’re doing. And I’m doing that because they have been instrumental in helping me move forward ideas in my life or changing something about myself. And I want to highlight what work they’re doing and what they’re sharing with the world. So that’s the thought for the day from the desk. Hope you have a great one. Thank you for listening to another episode of the move Your best show. If you enjoy listening, I would love if you would take the time to give a five star review and share the podcast with friends that are seeking to find and do their best.

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