Adorable Spell

Do you know what “adorable spells” are?

Tiny Person is hiding from one I’m trying to put on him right now.

It’s a spell that you get if you look into a little pandas eyes on the T.O.T.S. show (Disney Junior).

She’s just so adorable you can’t take your eyes off of her and your eyes get filled with hearts because you are so enraptured (in love, in infatuation, etc.).

The two characters that deliver these little babies to their parents are trying desperately not to look into her eyes because once under the adorable spell, they lose awareness of their surroundings and start making mistakes that slow down the journey.

Yet, they desperately want to look into the baby’s eyes because they find her so adorable and want to have those feelings of love.

This morning, Tiny Person turns to me and says:”Mommy, is there a real adorable spell?”

Me: Hmmmm. Well,….. Do you think there are adorable spells?

Tiny Person: I think there are and you said there were.

Me: That’s right. Though, it’s a little different than the show. You don’t really get those hearts in your eyes. (P.S. Ok, I realize that we do actually lose a little eyesight for moments – love is blind concept).

Tiny Person: But, can it come off?

Me: We decide that we have that feeling for another person. They don’t give us that feeling. We decide it. So, basically, we put them on ourselves and take them off whenever we want. We just don’t realize we are in charge of it.

Tiny Person: (blank stare)

Me: When I suddenly give you hugs and kisses that means that I’ve have an adorable spell come on me for you. Or, I decide that’s what it means.

Tiny Person: (smiles and blows me a kiss). There, I just used the un-adorable spell on you to break it.

Me: Oh, ok.

Tiny Person: Oops. Mommy, I think I just got an adorable spell up my nose.

Me: Up your nose?

Tiny Person: Yes, I think I just felt it come up my nose.

Me: Now that’s an interesting way to get hit with it.


This conversation came in the middle of me downloading a lot of thoughts from my mind onto paper this morning.

I’ve been thinking about those I’ve loved, those I haven’t loved enough, those that loved me, those that love me now. Or, at least my interpretation of what I think their love for me and mine for them means.

It’s realizing it is all a choice that we make – to feel love, to accept love, to reject love.

And, it really doesn’t have anything to do with what others actually feel about us. It is all something we feel for ourselves.

An amazing concept that I don’t yet understand.

I’m not good with these things and am trying to figure it out so that I’m better it loving going forward in life.

The adorable spell concept is interesting because it brings to the surface so many reminders or new thoughts.

Here are a just a few:

– We can choose to love anyone regardless of whether they love us back.

– If we want to increase our love for someone, it helps looking right into their eyes. A really hard thing to do. One of my psychology teachers had us do this many years ago. We had to look into someone elses eyes sitting next to us. And, he asked questions while we did it (e.g. What was your greatest joy? What was your greatest heartache?, etc.). It was amazing how much emotion and information was passed through the eyes, even though no words were said. I was pretty uncomfortable because a married man was sitting next to me and I felt like I was invading his personal life by engaging in this moment. Interesting, aye? It is truly powerful.

– Nothing someone does or says can make us love them more or less. It’s a choice we make inside ourselves to make their actions mean something.

– Trying to hide feelings and emotions of love or dislike can only last for so long. Those emotions come out in different ways and different times. The process of dealing with some of these can be painful, but teach many lessons.

– Journals are amazing. But, even more amazing is setting up a regular time to read them to take a look at all the thoughts and patterns that appear in the writing (and beyond). It is huge to be able to review these on a regular basis and discover things that can be worked on or become more aware of for each next life step.

Tiny Person is now playing adorable spell games with me. I think he really does think it comes through the nose.

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