Episode 59 – Horizon Walkers

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Are you willing to take the next step, even if you can’t see solid ground beneath you?

This is part of the journey at times – taking a step into the unknown toward seeking that horizon that you know is part of who you want to become.

Go ahead, take a step. The rest will be made known to you, but not until you take the steps.

Episode 59 Show Notes

Episode 59 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode 59 Horizon Walkers This’ll Podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? When I was leaving my job a few months ago, there were many people that knew I was taking a leap of faith into the unknown, and some of them were scared for me. Some of them were excited. Some of them expressed some of their own fears of leaving a secure place, and some of them expressed the desire to take a leap. A swell, but they were too afraid. They wanted to keep things safe and secure in their life. And, they figured is more important to do that than to take a leap into the unknown, even though in their mind their vision, they could see that there was something there was a greater purpose or a different purpose than what they were currently doing. But they didn’t have the confidence at the moment to take that leap of faith. A few people, I believe it was Raelynn and dizzy that both brought up the same movie when they talked about what I was doing and it was Indiana Jones, and it’s a part of one of the movies where he’s standing on the edge of the cliff. He has to get help for someone quickly, and he’s told that there is a way across this Chi ASM to the other side, but you can’t see it, but it will be made known to him if he just takes the step this leap of faith. And he pauses and hesitates in a super scared. But then it’s very dramatically showing him lift his leg up and take a step, and it falls lower than his other foot, right? So it’s not like he puts a step forward in its ground level. He takes a step forward, and it kind of sinks further than his body into the air until a plank appears and he can see the way forward. But he could not see it until he took the step, and the step kind of went beyond where the ground normally would be. And it’s sunk a little and then a solid surface appeared, and it’s a very powerful moment. You can look it up on YouTube. It takes about one minute, and it’s the drama leading up to it. That is the hardest part, right? It’s that first step because after that, yet it still looks a little shaky. But at least there’s a way forward. He can take the way and progress on his journey, and it’s very clear in that video clip to that. He can only see the horizon of a little bit past that bridge, but once he gets there, he’ll be able to Seymour. And that’s the wonderful part. I think about horizons and why I love the word so much and why I quote Hugh Prather so much in other episodes where he says the horizon ceases to be the horizon once you get there because once you see something and you seek it, at some point you get there or close to that horizon and realize Wait a second. This isn’t the end. There’s mawr. Now. I see more kind of like when you look and see in the distance, there is a mountain range. I’ve done this many times in different parts of the United States and beyond, but you’ll drive to it and you’ll drive through the mountains on Lee to realize that the set of mountains took you to a higher spot, which then exposes that there’s even bigger mountains behind it, or an even more grand view beyond it that you could not see it all before. You didn’t even know it was a possibility because you had to make it through the first horizon. Now you can look at that as an obstacle if you want to, but it’s a pretty great view. You’re going toward your going to amazing Mountain Range, and then as you go through it up into it and you start seeing, wait a second. There’s Meadows up here. There’s entire towns up here. There’s full on lakes where people are boating. Have you had that experience? I had that in Colorado a couple years ago. You think you’re just going to go through a mountain range and you realize, Wait a second. We’re going higher and higher now. There’s towns, there’s lakes, there’s ski resorts. There’s all the stuff going on. Went down in the valley. It just looks like you got to get beyond this big, beautiful mountain. Your horizon is expanded once you take the steps to try to go beyond where you are. I think this is important, too. Think about in our lives because most of us can see that there’s something beyond what we are being or doing right now. It may be a larger purpose. It might be something you want to see or go do. It might be a cause you want to be a part of. Whatever it is, it’s kind of on the horizon for you. And some of it is a physical horizon that you can see that you want to go towards some of. It’s a vision you have in your head. And yet here you are. And this is why I like the phrase horizon walkers or another phrase horizon seekers, which are both phrases I considered as having a name for my business a few months ago. These came up in a brainstorm. I had, and I ended up choosing move your desk. But I still loved these terms because it showed to me that we are responsible for taking the steps necessary to fulfill our purpose, and whether or not the vision or the horizon has been given to us from an external power or whether we think we’ve just come up with this in our heads. Most of us have this desire to expand and grow beyond where we currently are, and maybe you are supposed to follow those inklings in some way and you can. You can do it very strategically. And even though it may seem a far off, it’s an opportunity to view yourself as someone that can act that can walk and not just be acted upon. So, for example, if we’re taking an example from work, if you think that you have these three or four things you do that you’d really love to get good at and you wish they could all be in a job or in some kind of role in the future, maybe that’s a possibility. Maybe that’s, Ah, horizon that’s out there for you. But right now you say, Oh, my boss wouldn’t go for that. We don’t even have that role in our organization. I have never seen it out there on the job boards is listed as a possibility. You can get curious and explore those thoughts and go, Why is it’s a possibility for me. I’ve had the thought I have the desire I can kind of see in my mind’s eye that that’s something I want to dio. Why don’t I take charge strategically of myself and start to seek something like that? And who knows? Maybe, as I seek that I’ll make all the mistakes. I’ll get introduced to the right people or the right opportunities and things that teach me something. And once I start doing that, then I’ll see a clearer picture. Maybe the clearer picture is, yes, I can create that. Maybe the clear picture is Oh, I think it’s gonna be a little different than I thought. But at least I understand now what I’m searching for, and I will go for it and not wait for whether it’s currently available to not wait. If your boss knows about it or your organization, or if any other entrepreneur has done it, that maybe, just maybe you’re having these thoughts because this is something that you can seek that you can walk toward, and to realize that part of that process is going to be like the Indiana Jones experience, where you’re not going to see the interim steps. But you can see there’s a horizon, and to be willing to respect the ground you’re on. Be grateful for it. Be grateful for the past path you’ve taken, while recognizing that you will not know certain things until you take the next step until you open the next door until you go through around over under the next mountain, right? There’s some things you will not know. You will not see until you take the opportunity toe walk forward, seeking to find the answers and constantly keeping that horizon in mind. This ties into that hero’s journey that I’ve talked about in some other episodes. It’s kind of that call to the adventure inside of your head. That’s telling you you have a purpose beyond what you’re doing right now doesn’t mean what you’re doing right now is wrong. It means it’s part of a journey and you’re going toward a horizon. And that horizon may seem daunting to you, or it might seem very small for some. Either way, you go toward it, and once you get there, you realize you’ve expanded and experience and capability and your desires, and you’re ready to take the next steps for that next horizon and this is different for each of us. But I would encourage you to take time to think about. What are those horizons you see in front of you? What’s this vision you see in you that you may not be taking action on right now and pay attention to if it fits the norms that you’re part of or not? Because if it doesn’t fit it, that might mean making more conscious steps to do things that are a little bit out of the ordinary. Because this is not a well traveled road, perhaps. But somewhere on that path, you will become very purposeful and find what keeps gnawing at your mind. This requires being conscious of where we are and where we want to go, or where we think we want to go based upon what we currently know. And it’s realizing that no one can do this for you. This is your journey. You’re responsible for strategically moving forward. You’re not toe wait to be identified by a boss or an organization or another person. You identify yourself and you decide you’re the one to take the next step, knowing that there could be some quicksand, there could be some mud. There could be some rain that could be some storms. But each of those will teach you what you need and prepare you for that next horizon. And it will be an amazing experience, and so will that next horizon. And every time you arrive at one horizon and look back, you’ll realise how enriched and capable and open you become. Two personal growth and change to helping others grow and change, helping others seek and walk to their next horizon. Be ah, Horizon seeker this week and be Horizon Walker. Thanks for listening to the show today. If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you’d write a review and share the show with your friends, sign up for a weekly nudge at move your desk dot com. See you next Monday.

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