Episode 60 – I am a Coach

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In March 2020, I graduated from The Life Coach School as a certified life coach.

I planned to officially announce that fact through a podcast.

But, it didn’t feel right. I was still uncomfortable with this new title. So, I took some time to explore what a coach meant to me and if I truly wanted to become one.

That was around episode 40 of my podcast. This is episode 60. It took that amount of time to work through some challenges with my beliefs surrounding my work.

But, I did the mind work. I started getting coached each week. I started coaching individuals and groups. I started to see my thinking shift.

Now I’m ready to say it with full confidence that this is the work I’m meant to do.

My name is Rebecca Clark. I am a life coach that helps you follow that deep desire you have to step into your best work.

If you are ready, let’s talk.

Episode 60 Show Notes

Free Coaching Session – If you want to experience coaching, sign up for a free session with me. This step could be kind of scary for you if you’ve never done this before.

Here’s what to expect if you take this step:

  • Set up a session on the calendar below.
  • Show up focused and with no distractions.
  • Tell me about a problem you are struggling to work through.
  • I will coach you – listen, ask questions, show you your own mind.
  • At the end of the call, I will tell you about two coaching options that I have available.
  • Your job is to say one of two things at the end of the call:
    • Yes, I’m interested.
    • No, not at this time. You can have whatever reasons you want. And, if you don’t like your reasons, I can coach you on that for a few minutes.
  • And, we go from there. No pressure. No convincing you to change your mind.
  • I only work with those that have decided that they are ready and want to move forward.

During our session I may discover that you are a better fit for another coach. So, I’ll give you their name and contact info. I can even connect you to each other if that works better for you.

Thank you to my coaches!

In the meantime, shout out to the coaches that coached me in March – June 2020 as I was trying to figure out why I didn’t feel authentic as a coach.

Episode 60 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode 60 I am a coach. This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up for best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to New York US? In March 2020 I officially graduated from the life Coach school with a life coach certification. At the same time, I renewed my certification as a project management professional. Now I felt more comfortable with the project management professional certification at that time because I had over 15 years experience in the world of project management, and the certification actually didn’t mean that much to me, However, because the test was hard and expensive. I do renew that certification every three years so I don’t have to retake the test, which we all have our reasons right. But it was a really interesting moment for me because I’m very comfortable telling people that I have a PMP and I don’t really care about it. And yet I was having an issue with my life coach certification. I didn’t want to tell people as a life coach, but I didn’t know what kind of coach I wanted to call myself and I was in this really odd place. I was just coming off pneumonia and preparing to enter into this phase of entrepreneurship, training and learning. And I realized that I had better figure this out because if I wasn’t comfortable saying I was a life coach or any kind of coach, how is I possibly going to get my business started? So I started doing some reflections, and I know one night I wrote down about 10 pages about my feelings about coaching, and I went way back to when I first remember having a coach and this was associated with basketball, actually. But I had very good coaches. The problem was, I was not a good student. I was too embarrassed to try certain things to run drills in front of everyone else, and so I would kind of halfway do it, and I wouldn’t practice on my own in meaningful ways in a way that actually helped me be my best. Now, when it came to game time, I would perform most of the time. I I really stepped it up. I like to being in the real deal. The rial moment but practice. I was just not a good practice, er, and that’s why I talk about practicing a lot. I’ve learned to be a better practice, er have a long ways to go. But I’ve learned over time the importance of that skill of being a good practice. Er and then I reflected on a time when I was a coach, and this happened to be with basketball as well. I was in graduate school, and I was asked to take on the responsibility to coach some young teenage girls, and most of them had thought their entire lives to that point that they just weren’t a basketball player, that they didn’t know how to play basketball. They weren’t gonna learn. They weren’t sporty, whatever this particular group of girls just that was their default thinking. And so I realized very quickly, I can’t remember how many there were. I could see a whole line of them sitting on stage for a picture, so there’s probably 12 or 13 of these girls, and most of them were in that 12 to 14 8 trains there, very few. They’re older, and I realized my main goal was just to help them be confident to be willing to go out on the basketball court, to be willing to learn a few moves and otherwise it was just about practicing and having fun. Now, of course, that’s because I was bringing into my coaching what I had experienced, what I wasn’t ready for. But these girls were in a state a few steps behind what I had been as a teenager, right cause I really enjoyed sports and everything. But they were a few steps behind and their ability to think that they could do anything. So we had a lot of fun because I talked them out of dribble. I taught them some of the other basics and they had many opportunities to play in some of these games with the teenage boys that came in which they thought was really fun and just with different age groups and everything, so they started getting confident with the ball and I don’t think we ever one but I think there was a lot of confidence gained in that process because most of them saw by the end of that season that they were capable of doing something. They didn’t realize they were capable of fast forward. Beyond that, I got into roles at work where I was managing and leading, and so I feel like in those roles I did a lot of influencing and a lot of meant touring and training. But this word coach always seemed beyond me. And you look it up on the Internet and it just there’s so many different kinds of answers, and it’s very clear that there, so many different philosophies. There are also many kinds of coaching certifications, and I’m very aware right now because of the algorithms that come through. I get all this marketing for different coaching certifications. So it’s almost like, Ah, lot of people who are in that influence or space right now are creating a lot of coaching programs, and I think all of them have something to offer. That’s what I’ve learned through the process. But I never quite knew what they were. And if I wanted to be one, you know, maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t. I knew that I had a lot of experience and insights to share, but was I gonna do that is business I didn’t know, and when I quit my job, I wasn’t sure about that, either. And here I was at the end of the coaching program, with a certification in hand, going through this reflection process, wondering, Why am I still having an issue calling myself coach? And it’s very interesting when you start getting curious with yourself about why am I acting this way? Why am I feeling this way? What’s going on and having a sincere desire to figure it out? And I had these Ah ha’s very rapidly in March into April as I started to tackle this and how I tackled it was made sure that every day I did the daily reflection and started to work on my thoughts and brain with approach I’d learned from my coaching certification program. I made sure to take advantage of all of the free coaching opportunities that I got through the program could, because we’d practice with each other and I even have some friends that we kind of traded coaching. And some of them have different methods they use, and so it’s kind of refreshing right to hear a different method once in a while, because then you don’t get caught and thinking, you know what they’re gonna ask you next. You’re just their completely willing to talk and open up your mind. And as I started to reach out and get coaching and do my own reflections, I realized, Wait a second. This is why I became a coach. Because as these people are coaching me, I am getting tremendous value from this because even though in the experience, it felt like we were just talking and sharing ideas and they’re showing me how I was thinking, I could see as I go throughout the next week hide, change certain behaviors and get more done and think about something different. And as I did this, it’s like every opportunity out there for personal growth came to me, and I’m saying that nicely, right? That means that life school prepared me for all the pains and challenges that would come my way. And so that became part of my curriculum for myself. How doe I work through this next challenge, whether it was with relationships, spiritually money, my entrepreneur endeavours, all of it. And of course, in the mix of that, I also got to deal with a totaled car and Covic and all of that stuff At that point, I started to realize, Wait a second. I am loving this process. I grow from getting coached. I grow when I coach, and this is why I want to be a coach. And at that point, when I changed my thinking about it, I started piloting some courses. I started offering free coaching, and I started to really get more practice. And when you’re in the middle of coaching Peep Apple, all of a sudden you see them have these personal ah ha moments and these other moments where they break down an emotion and share something that they’ve never ever shared with someone in their life. It’s not like it was confession or anything. It was they felt comfortable at that point in time to share something. They taught about themselves, perhaps that they’d never wanted to say out loud. But they felt strongly about it. In fact, the thing that’s come up the most in the last few weeks is I take people through these six and eight week programs is that almost everyone have had this moment. They’ve all shared that deep inside, they feel like they’re someone destined to do more important things than they’re doing, and I think all of us feel this. This is why I often talk about being compelled to offer up your best work. There’s this whole crazy set of thoughts and feelings we all have about this, and I’m finding that most of it is us feeling like, Oh, I have these big drinks for myself But that’s kind of prideful, or people are gonna judge me or I judge myself and have dare I think that I could go do that when really, though, when it gets down to it. When we’re talking, we find out both the person that’s the client and me as a coach that we all really do have something inside of us saying you could do more. There’s more people that need to learn from you that need to share certain life experiences with you. And until you’re stepping up into the challenges and the learning that you need to go through, those people aren’t going to connect to you. You’re not going to have these experiences together. And so you find out that deep down we got this weird stuff going on with pride and judgment. But we still have this inner inkling or desire, I kind of find out if it’s true. Kind of go. What? What if I did step out of my comfort zone? What if I did try that and it may be painful. It may be messy. I’m eight make mistakes. But what if, in the process I grow? What if, in the process, I end up helping someone? And so it becomes this really powerful process to go through and as a coach, What I love is that sometimes I’ll get out of a coaching session and think, Wow, I don’t know if I actually helped them see their own mind, but I saw my own through that process. And there’s some people that have gone through This complete shift is they’ve gone through coaching process. And what’s really interesting is some people come to me thinking that I’m gonna give them all the answers right that I’m there to tell them what templates to use, what process they should go through, who they need to talk. Teoh, when really my purpose as a coach, when it comes down to it is to create a space that is safe for you to explore what’s going on in your mind, and I am to show that to you. And so sometimes it’s literally repeating back to you what you’ve just told me and asking you to think about it and go. Why are you thinking that way? Like what’s going on that you chose that thought out of all the thoughts available to you, you are choosing to view that circumstance in a certain way, and my mind gets blown more than theirs does in most cases. Boats. What even more amazing is I can honestly say that I feel like some of them make faster progress and ideo at looking at their own minds. Now that’s kind of a judgment. Maybe I need to have more compassion on myself. But it’s to say that it is powerful when we allow ourselves to open up to someone and talk with them frankly, about what’s going on in her head, what our desires are, where pitfalls are. What we view is limitations, all the stuff, and then to see the shifts take place and realize that anything is possible. If we allow ourselves to think it is and to have compassion on ourselves as we realize that maybe our mistakes are helping us figure out what work were to do, what life were to pursue, that it’s all part of our journey, that it’s all part of the curriculum of our lives to experience some of these things, and it’s okay to step out and have someone else help us through this process. In fact, it’s beyond okay, it can be amazing. And so that’s one of the things that I have had to learn and work through is that I had to keep getting coaching to realize the value of it, because I’m not someone who regularly went to councillors or shrinks or coaches. I did a lot of things on my own and learned from people through books, podcast talking to them, that kind of thing in my own reflections. But I didn’t never pay for long term coaches, right at a health coach or life coach, maybe for a session or two, and then not much more. And I thought I had to walk into this with all the right materials to provide all the right answers and to realize that’s not necessary, even though that will be provided the most value. I believe that I can bring as a coach is to actually help you learn how to help yourself, how to coach yourself, how to see how you can make the changes in yourself and to respect those inner inklings in your heart that, you know, are there no matter how many people beat that down. And more especially, no matter how much you beat yourself down and thinking, No, no, I’ll play it safe. I’ll do this thing I don’t like even though I’m not growing, I’m not progressing. I’m not doing the work. I think I’m supposed to dio. This is why I’m realizing now in June of 2020 that I feel called to the work. This work is changing me. This work is helping others change themselves right? I cannot take credit for clients successes or failures because ultimately we’re all in charge of ourselves. But if people come to me willing, toe learn, willing to look at themselves, willing to figure out what in their brain needs to be worked on, there will be amazing insights that your own brain offers up to you. So guess what? My name is Rebecca Clark. I am a life coach who helps people step into their best work. Let me know if you’d like to talk. Thanks for listening to the show today. If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you’d write a review and share the show with your friends, sign up for a weekly nudge at move your desk dot com. See you next Monday.

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