Episode 76 – The Concussion – Elden’s Story

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You never know who is listening to your stories.

I found out that one listener is nine year old Elden. And, he told me he wanted to be on my podcast and share one of his recent experiences at school. In fact, he believes his painful experience made him smarter.

I think he’s right. He gained some insights and reminded me of a few as well.

Tune in to hear his story. And, be prepared. He already has plans to share more of his thoughts in future episodes.

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Episode 76 Show Notes

Episode 76 Transcript

This is Episode 76. The Concussion. El Din’s Story. Yeah, this podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? This’ll Week. I was able to talk to one of our listeners and have an interesting conversation, and in the process, he said he would like to be on the podcast. What’s amazing to me about podcasting is you never quite know who. Everyone in your audience, maybe, but this particular listener is nine years old. He’s my nephew and his name is Elden Clark. And so it’s fascinating that in our conversation he kept saying, I want to be on your podcast. I want to be on your podcast. Please let me be on your podcast and this isn’t the first time Ah, young person has said they’ve listened to this podcast or that they have said, I want to be on it. And as an adult, I’m highly interested in why. Why do these Children want to participate? And all I can think of right now is that they enjoy hearing stories about life, and it triggers something in them that makes them want to share their stories. Because most Children like to share stories on a daily basis about what’s happening in their life. I said I’d love to have him on the podcast on I asked him to think of something he cared about and some lesson he had learned that he might be willing to share. And it’s funny to look back on the conversation and realized that I was trying to convince him to think of a particular story from school. But he had something else on his mind, and I’m gonna let you take a listen for this next few minutes as I interview Elden to see what was on his mind that he wanted to share. We’re with Elden Clark today, and he is going to tell us a little bit about himself and how he feels like he’s learning a lot this year. And so I’m just going toe. Let him tell us his name and how old he is. And anything else you’d like to tell us about school right now. Ah, my name is Ellen Clark. I’m nine years old, and that’s cool. Good and I got a cushion at school. You got a concussion at school. Okay. How did that happen? Uh, P e I was running on the track. I was talking to one of my friends. Then one of the football equipment was out. Then I was trying to my foot friend, then a hit. A medical. You hit a metal pole. Okay, then what happened next? Uh, I got, like, a little a ncaap unconscious. Yeah. Okay. And I went to the principal’s office and see if I was good in the principal said I did not get a concussion, so I went back outside, but I didn’t run. I just sat on the bleachers when all when the When they were playing soccer from the P e teacher told them to. And Oh, my When we got back to class, my well, the office told me when I got a headache, I should go down there and tell them I had a headache. Then when I was on my laptop at school, I was having a major headache. And I told my teacher that I have a headache, and I and, uh, I want to the principal’s office and I had to keep my mask on. Okay, Then I threw up in my mask. Oh, my goodness. And what home? Now, there was a reason you wanted to tell us about your concussion, right? Because you felt like you learned some things from the experience. What was it you learned from having a concussion? Always look in front of you and beware off objects that can hit hurt you who also felt like you learned some other things you were sharing with me, that you could see some things differently. Every time I look with two eyes, it was like so. So if I looked at 23 no, 13 two eyes it deported two threes When I close one eye and looked at it, just 13 Did that just happen right after the concussion? Or do you still see that I still see it? Wow. So we all know that after concussions, you have to kind of go back to the doctor once in a while, check on it. But I like the other lessons learned you had a swell right. But luckily they’re working and you’re back at school and you’re learning. And are you applying the lessons you shared where you look forward and you are aware of different objects. Yes. So you’re noticing different parts about your body when you have these injuries or you have these experiences right, that you can hear things differently. You can see things differently, and it sounds like you’ve learned from that. Well, I hope you discover some other things in the process without getting hurt, Right? Do you have any final words you would like to share today? Uh, concussions? Don’t feel good. Wise words from Elden. Thank you for talking to us today, and we’ll have to talk to you again sometime soon. So Elden has this recent concussion on his mind that everyone’s trying to negotiate whether or not it was a concussion. But either way, he feels like he got smarter in the process that he realized more about his eyes and ears and head. And, of course, the lessons he shared with all of you in the recording. As a result of this conversation, I went and looked up on the Google what concussion means and it says, a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the after effects such as confusion or temporary incapacity. Or it could be a violent shock as from a heavy blow, kind of like the ground shuddered with a concussion of the blast. Either way, there’s been some kind of force or impact that’s jarring or jolting taking place, and it happens to the head. And this is, of course, an injury. You would go to the doctor to check on and probably have some check ups after that initial check. But to realize that often in life we have these moments where we get a force from outside of us, a jarring in life or a jolting were all shaken up and it changes things, and we have to think about things differently, and we have new experiences as a result. And some of those life moments can have very long lasting impacts, and some of them just gently nudge us to make a little change. And so I hope that Elgin’s example of seeing this situation as a chance to learn and to grow and to feel smarter after it is inspiring for you in your life to know that all of these things that are jarring to our lives that do feel like a blow to our head can help us and serve us, and we may need some help along the way to get through it. But help will be there. Thank you, Elden, for coming on the show today. It was a pleasure, and I can’t wait to hear what you want to share next, because he’s already thought of what he’d like to share in a second episode. So thanks again for listening. Follow Elgin’s advice toe. Look ahead and also watch for falling objects that might be in your way. Talk to you soon. Thanks for listening to the show today. 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