Episode 89 – Accepting the Nudges

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Upleveling your work can be hard on the mind.

All the questions from others. All of THEIR judgements.

Oh wait, and all of YOUR OWN judgements about yourself and them. You know, you judging them for judging you and then judging yourself for judging them and on and on.

All of this creates mind churn. And, mind churn means you really aren’t making progress on the work you want to be doing. You are really just thinking about it. Or, not really thinking about it at all because of the churn.

Judgement is going to be in another decision. But, it came up because I was thinking about what insights and thoughts we accept from others. We can choose to reject or accept them. Or, churn about whether or not to accept or reject them.

We get to choose.

I’ve learned from my personal upleveling this week.

I’ve learned to keep exploring my own confusion and insecurities.

I’ve learned to use past experiences and mistakes to inform my future decisions.

I’ve learned that some of the things I desire for myself have already happened in the past …and can happen again.

Tune in to find out how another woman getting hired for a CEO position that I wanted …provides me with the lessons I need to continue to show up striving to offer up my best work. And, helping others find & offer up theirs.

Episode 89 Show Notes

Episode 89 Transcript

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