Episode 94 – Hey Becca

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When I came home from college, my little brothers were a little older and had lots of questions for me.

They would shout out, or say, “Hey Becca” and would go on to ask a question, share information, or try to capture my attention.

I love hearing “Hey Becca” and I’ve decided to use it as a way for you to send me your insights and questions.

Go take a peek at the Move Your Desk website an click the button to submit a brief audio message.

I’ll respond to every message through a post, a YouTube video or a podcast episode. You may even want to come on and share or ask more. You have answers I don’t have and I want to share those with anyone offering up their best work too.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Episode 94 Show Notes

Episode 94 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode 94. Hey, Becca. What do you think about this? Podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work, but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? When I was a little girl, there must have been an experience that I can’t recall where I decided that I did not like the name Becky. I don’t know if there was a little girl that I thought was a brat. I don’t know if someone said the Becky sounded like that. Whatever they said, I decided at a very young age that I did not like the name Becky, even though I have many wonderful friends named Becky. But for me, I’ve always been a Rebecca. Yet I noticed that when I came home from college, my younger brothers would say, Hey, Becca, come here. Hey, Becca. I want to tell you this. Hey, Becca. What about this? And I kind of liked it. It felt very endearing. And then my whole family started calling me that. And I think some of my other siblings have names that start with ours. So we shortened those as well. Lynn Nay, Becca, Anne, Right? But it’s very endearing to me. It does not have the same feeling to me as Becky for some reason. And isn’t that interesting? Because there could be another Rebecca that refuses to be called Becca, and they love Becky so good for them, and good for me. I was thinking about it lately and thought, Hey, why not have kind of a little dear Abby? Except it’s Hey, Becca. And you could submit a question, a question going on in your work, the actual work or in your work relationships or something that you’re working on in your life. I always talk about work because I feel like that’s where we have a lot of focus. A lot of us spend a lot of time on our work, and in our work we can learn a lot about ourselves, our capabilities, our capacity, our ability to learn our interpersonal connections with people with our boss, with our co workers, with our clients and with ourselves how we view ourselves in our work and how we view the money we earn or aren’t earning and want toe earn how we view what we should offer in this world or if we should seek to climb a ladder. And if so, what ladder is that? Does it look like a typical corporate ladder? Does it look like your own making something that you think would thrill you? And that would be a sign of success, whatever the things. So I wanted to get on today to offer that you can ask a question and I’ll address it in a podcast or in a YouTube video, and use that as something to help other listeners and other clients learn. So go to move your desk dot com and you’ll see a little. Hey, Becca, I have a question on there and I’d love if you’d submit a question and it is an audio files. You don’t have to leave any information. I mean, you can put your name or a fake name whatever and leave a 92nd question or insight that you have. I’d love to respond to it, and if I don’t feel like I have a good way to respond to it, I will engage someone that does and have them share their expertise and insights for learning because we don’t all have all information right. We don’t all have experiences and insights, but some of us are connected to people who dio I think all of us are connected. Actually, it’s just a matter of remembering and noticing and calling on each other to help each other through that next step and offering up our best work. Okay, go to the website. Hit the hay Becca button. I’d love to hear from you. Talk to you soon. If it is time for you to improve your work relationships, get the raise or move into a new career. I have two programs for you. The first is Make the Move, a self paced online course that leads you through the mindset, management principles and planning approaches that help you up level your work. The second is one on one coaching for those who are serious about transforming their work, now, find both at learn dot Move your desk dot com Mhm

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