Episode 105 – Delayed

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Sometimes our life and work don’t go as planned.

We think of the possibilities. We desire to make more money. We want a promotion. We work to move forward.

But, sometimes we get delayed. Life happens. Routines get interrupted. And, we see someone else move forward with our big idea.

The delays aren’t just from external circumstances. Delays can happen in our mind because we are fearful, embarrassed, worried, or unsure of ourselves.

Beating yourself up for being “behind schedule” on life and career isn’t the best way to propel yourself forward.

Use these time periods that feel like delays to learn about yourself and keep taking the next step.

Then, when your time comes… you won’t delay.

Episode 105 Show Notes

Episode 105 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode 105 delayed. This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? Mm yeah, about a year and a half in two, this podcast show I decided that I did not want to go live with my podcast on Mondays. It was Monday’s move your desk, and I really liked the sound of it, but it didn’t work for me. Sometimes I would record four or five episodes in a day, and then other times I was struggling to produce a podcast over the weekend, and I thought, Let’s do Wednesday That’ll be better. Mhm. And of course, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, right. Ultimately, you decide and you do it well today. It’s Wednesday. In fact, it’s 8:30 p.m. On Wednesday, and I am just recording this podcast now. This isn’t because I was delaying it or purposefully pushing it off and honestly, just wasn’t front of mind. I’m working with a few different clients. It’s also nice weather outside I also was on the road for a couple of days, so there’s a lot of things that were different than my usual schedule, and I looked at my calendar and thought, Wow, I’m behind I don’t know what I’m behind because I’m the one that created this goal for myself. But I did want to keep a commitment I made to myself. So here I am, a little delayed and getting this episode out. And as I was going through some files on my computer and preparation for this episode, I discovered a folder on the computer that contained some podcasts I had recorded in 2010 that I’d completely forgotten about. And I will actually share some of those later in a future show. But I was so surprised because I thought, Wait a second. I started podcasting back then, and then I remembered that about a year before that I was in charge of a hiring panel and you’re looking at the resumes and you’re noticing what the people are trying out and doing. Some were authors somewhere, professors, and some were doing podcast in the midst of all the other things they were doing because we weren’t actually looking for authors or podcasters or anything like that, but one in particular stood out to me, and that was the design guy. He had created a podcast with 20 or more episodes, and they were all scripted, and I was just really inspired by that. And we interviewed Anthony, and we hired him as a production manager, and he now produces multiple podcast for himself and for the organization he works for. In fact, I’ll probably be interviewing him soon. So in listening to his podcast and in conversations with him, I realized that I was someone that might like podcasting because I blogged a lot and I wrote in a journal a lot, and I just had a lot of thoughts to share, and stories and insights and lessons learned. So I must have tried it out, and I don’t know if I recorded them in audacity or if they just showed up on my computer in audacity, right, because that might be the default recording tool that I use. But I found those files tonight, and like three or four different episodes, it was pleasantly surprised. At the same time, I had a regret for a moment because so often I have ideas. And then I write them down multiple times and I think on them, and then a year will go by and we’ll come back and then I’ll think on them again. And then a year will go by. And I realized that here I am 11 years later with a podcast that actually started in 2010. And I’ll tell you the name of that podcast in another episode, because I kind of want to save it and use it for something that I offer. I talked to a lot of people as I advise, Consult, coach, interact with family and friends. And a common thread in those conversations is the feeling people have that they are delayed, that they should be doing something that they’re not doing yet. And they wonder why. And sometimes it’s fear. Sometimes it’s embarrassment. Sometimes it is worry lots of different reasons, and all of them are emotions and thoughts that we’ll never know whether or not it served us, because for some reason, the ideas and desires came to us long before we were ready to execute them. Now I’ve talked about this before in a prior episode when I asked the question, Can success wait? I have learned through life that it can that those ideas, if they are yours, will wait for you. Now, I also believe that some ideas get executed by someone else that is ready at that moment. Like I’m one of the thousands of women that thinks I invented Spanx. Uh huh. And I also used the term emergency brownies over 20 years ago because I’d always keep a box of brownie mix in the cupboard just in case there was a treat needed or visitors came and we felt like we wanted to have a party or whatever. So I call them emergency Brownies because they’d always be available. We’ll look it up on the Internet. Now. There’s someone that actually has a company or a product called Emergency Brownies. I had an idea, and I have no idea whether they had that idea before I did, but they moved forward with it, and I did not. Now I still get to use the term because many of my friends will vouch for me that I use that term for many years. Mhm, and I still get to say, Hey, I’m one of the people that invented Spanx, but someone else actually move forward on that idea and a large scale effort And that’s OK because some of us have lots of ideas and there wouldn’t be possibly enough time to implement them all. So thank goodness someone else does. But I think that some of the ideas are truly special for us and are just waiting for us to move forward on them. So I’d encourage you today to move forward one step on one of your ideas. It may be hard. It may be scary. It may be embarrassing, but maybe there’s something you want or need or desire on the other side of that step. So take it. You may be delayed for a reason. Maybe there are more skills you needed to develop more experiences. You needed to have more insights you needed to gain. So all is not lost. The delay is okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Don’t wallow. Move forward and you’ll see the momentum gain. You’ll see the idea develop or it may be an idea you had to have in order for you to actually get to the next idea that will really help you offer up your best work. When you become a new entrepreneur, it is easy to compare yourself to other entrepreneurs on their journey. And so I’ve had many conversations in this last year or so with people and have noticed and compared myself to people that have reached certain earning thresholds before I have and I’ve judged myself for it. And I’ve gone through a whole process of realizing that it’s okay that I’m on a different journey and that the right people and the right opportunities will come my way at the right time if I just keep taking the steps to move forward. And so it’s been really interesting this last month or so when I hear others share their stories or talk about other people that wow, they were like an overnight success or I can’t believe they’re at this level of achievement so fast. And what’s my problem? Why am I so delayed? And I’ve been able to watch and notice this process from a different perspective and realize that there’s no problem here. Each of us are taking our own journey and some are figuring out part of that journey super fast and moving forward, and some are methodically going through personal lessons and overcoming mental barriers to take their next step. And we can’t judge our progress next to someone else’s. We can notice it. We can’t judge it if we want to write or we can compare. But better to just realize we’re all on a different journey. We all have different things to learn and offer, and some of my favorite people to learn from and that inspire me had a hard journey. They are difficult things to work through. But later, all of a sudden, things started to fall into place and work for their favor. And it was because of that consistent effort over time, perhaps your delay as part of your journey. Perhaps you aren’t ready to accept the success, the responsibility or the expectations of that thing you desire. There may be more to learn before you can handle it. So without delay Uh huh, I’m going to again encourage you to keep moving forward one step at a time. Sometimes you’ll be fast. Sometimes you’ll be slow, but it’s all part of offering up your best work, and I love how I never intended to talk about this topic tonight. I had three different topics on my mind, couldn’t decide which one, and in that process looked up some files on the computer and noticed that I had started podcasting years ago. And it never went to anything until about a year and a half ago when I actually took the step to turn it into the move. Your desk podcast. Recognizing this tonight makes me realize I still have time to execute all of those other ideas that I have that have been marinating in my mind and on paper and on the screen all of these years. And I can’t wait to share them with you. I think I’m over my delay and moving my desk. Okay, friends, have a great week. Talk to you soon. Thanks for listening to the show today. 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