Episode 116 – Showing Up for the One

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No one showed up to your last presentation, your new product release, or to participate in your free coaching session.

Our mind can start to churn when we put a lot of time, energy, and care into creating something and putting it out into the world.

Did they know about it and decide against it? Do they think you don’t offer up great work? Or, were they just not aware?

Regardless of the reason, you owe it to yourself to keep showing up for the one… even when that is just you!

When we choose to continue bringing our best work into the world, we have a chance to improve it and at some point it may help someone else.

Go ahead and treat that one participant like they are your highest paying client. Bring all of your energy, stories, and insights to that interaction. Trust that it is part of your journey to offering up your best work.

Episode 116 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark Episode 116 showing up for the one This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? Mhm, mm hmm. Once in a while I go through all of my electronic files to find something and in the process I discover things I’ve written before or reflected on and kind of notice something that I would find useful now from my past. And as I was going through looking in my google account, I started looking at some old blocks of mine and I only had a couple that were public, but I noticed that I had written a lot Right. I had over 600 entries on a personal blog That was just out there with thoughts and ideas that I share here mixed in with some of the thoughts and ideas that I had on another personal blog with over 300 in trees. So fascinating, combine that with all of the other blogs I have done since then, I probably have the equivalent of over 4000 posts and I’m still poor grammar. So practice does not make perfect, especially if it’s not the right practice and I haven’t practiced grammar a lot, but I do practice regular reflecting in life. And one of the thoughts that came to me during this process was an experience I had over 10 years ago. It might have even been 15 years ago when I first started writing blogs and I was a little discouraged because there were only a couple of readers and I thought, man, what am I doing this for? Well, I was really doing it for me, but it would be nice if people were to read and comment right. And if you can imagine we were moved into this basement room at work because one of our buildings was being worked on. So we were taken out of our offices and our cubicles and we were put in this basement And they’re about seven or 8 of us in this big room and we had desks and so we are kind of facing each other. So it’s a very open environment where you’re trying to do your work, trying to have meetings and meanwhile everybody can see you and hear you. And then if someone comes in to visit one person, the entire room knows because there’s no physical barriers, there’s no barriers to the sound or anything. So right across from me sat Mark alert and he was someone who had a blog and he had a few readers and he was very influential in the twitter space and he’s kind of an innovator, right? He’s an evangelist and innovator, that kind of thing for learning and training and development. And I remember making a comment about, you know, how I just had a few people reading my blog and he made a point that stuck with me all these years and he said, you know, write it for you first, get all your reflections out, get all your thoughts out, you’re writing it for you. And if even one person looks at it awesome, but he’s like write it for you or write it for that one person. And he didn’t say it in the way I just said it. But that was the idea that he essentially said, worry about the one, right, For the one. Don’t worry about the rest, right? If you’re sincere, you’re honest, you’re focused, You share what you want to share. You attract the right people and if not, you will gain something from acting upon that creative impulse. Right? Writing the blog may get you connected to someone you never met before. It may connect you to work you’ve never done before. It may trigger someone to say, Hey, you love this stuff. Well, did you know this other person love this? Oh, here’s this book. Here’s this website, here’s this technology, right? The act of just sincerely putting your work out there for yourself and trusting that even if one person loves it, that’s awesome. Now, why am I bringing this up today? Well, when you are someone who desires to offer up your best work, you tend to care what people think of your work, even though you say you want to do your best work, you just want to put it out there and it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks. It really does underneath, doesn’t it? There’s something about you feeling it’s valuable, but then knowing that someone else finds its valuable, that kind of propels us forward if we let it. And recently I’ve been in many experiences talking to individuals that are starting businesses, starting new work or in consulting arrangements where people are putting up new systems and coming out with new products and services. And they are very worried because they don’t have very many people actually seeing their work what they’ve put a lot of time and effort into. And it matters when you feel like your work is going unnoticed or it’s not getting the attention that you intended for it, especially if you’re trying to make money and find the right people to add value for going forward. So to take a small example when I get on a facebook live, Sometimes there are one or 2 people watching in that moment. Now I could be very discouraged by this, but I’m not. And one of the reasons why is because of that small moment where I spoke with Mark alert in that basement room years ago because I realized I’ve made a commitment to show up and share something I’ve learned and when I show up and share what I’ve learned with the world, I can review it and see what I want to change about what I’ve learned the next time I presented, I see what I do and don’t like in the stories I share and in the way I present and how I’ve done my hair and how my posters look when I write on them and how noisy the markers are and my microphone, right. I get to notice all that as I put it out into the world and once it’s out there, people can come see it later if they want to or if they don’t want to, they can choose to gloss right over it. But I keep showing up and I know That those one or two people will grow to four or 5 And from four or 5 it’ll go from 10 to 12. And if it goes to 25 or 50 or 100, I don’t really care. My goal is to offer up what I feel is the right thing to do. I want to share something I’m learning, I want to help someone else with it. I don’t get to choose whether or not, I help someone with it, the people receiving it, get to choose that. But guess what I learned for myself when I listen to it later or watch it later. Amongst all of the strengths and weaknesses I see and what I put out there. I also get to relearn from myself at a later time where I really listen or reread something I’ve written and think, oh wow, I forgot about that concept, I forgot about that idea, I need to apply it more in my life. And so I end up learning from myself later. So fascinating when we show up in front of even one person on a facebook, live on a webinar or on a blog or as we write a book that matters if we can give all of our energy to that person, if we can Give the best stories, treat them like $1 million. Act like they’re paying us $20,000 for individual personalized coaching. We show up differently when we think that as compared to when we show up and think, wow, there’s only one person on the call today. Well let’s wait five minutes to see who else shows up. Oh I can’t believe only one person is listening O. G. S. And it’s the person that’s there every time. So they don’t really count anyway. Notice how the way we think about it matters because the presentation will be different. What we share. Will we be different when we look at that one person as this person who is ready to open up their mind and learn and they have come there to hear from you versus the oh let’s wait until there’s more people so that this is worth it. It’s worth it if there’s one and I will tell you sometimes the only one is you. Right have you done that? You’ve written a big blog post, you’ve written a book you’ve shown up on video and you can see that zero people have viewed it if we don’t keep our own minds and check that can take us into a crazy world. Uh huh. Right Or you know, why are we doing this anyway? I can’t believe I wasted my time on that. Nobody looked at it. Nobody likes me must not be doing great work. If no one even looked, none of this is true. It’s all just thoughts. And even if it were true. So what No one looked at it. No gain, no loss except for you. You get to choose how to view it. I would nudge you today too. Honor the inklings that you have to put something out there in the world and it may take longer than you think for it to catch hold and maybe that’s okay because maybe you have this time to put out there. Get the other inspiration, Change it up a little bit tweak and prove, modify whatever. So by the time the people that need to see it come to you, you’ve worked out some of the kinks, you’ve worked out some of the challenges that might have inhibited them from wanting to move forward to learn more about you or your product or your service or the kind of work you offer in your organization, Go ahead and do your best work. Even if no one is watching because you will grow from it. You will contribute from that place and where you want to go may not be possible unless you go through these steps, appreciate that person that shows up. It’s a busy world. They had lots of other choices they could make and they showed up for you in that exact moment you were presenting or sharing or later when they got to view it. When they had a moment, you will show up with better energy and the people receiving the information will feel that and feel appreciated and they will start to appreciate that you show up no matter the size of the audience because you care you care about them and you care about you keep offering up your best work, especially in those moments where no one is watching at least no one you can see you are with yourself an awful lot of the time. About 24 7. Uh huh. Show up for yourself and keep doing the work. Talk to you soon, my friends. Mhm. Okay, thanks for listening to the show today. If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you’d write a review and share the show with your friends. Sign up for a weekly nudge at move your desk dot com. Mhm. Yeah.

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