Episode 141 – The Wonder and Power of Words – Stephanie Blamires

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It’s a special time on your personal journey when you start sharing the stories and insights that you’ve been yearning to share. And, you figure out how to find the time and courage to do it.

Stephanie Blamires joined me on this episode to talk about how she’s taking the next step to share her stories and life lessons in a way that bring together her love of all things beautiful, her unique creative gifts, and her love of words together in a way that she loves. And, that resonates with those that join her on this journey.

Stephanie figured out a way to uplevel her work in a way that frees up the mental energy and time to pursue her dream of becoming an author in her free moments.

Anyone know a publisher? Stephanie is seeking one now.

Tune in to here so many insights and ideas about mindset, re-framing life experience, books, and embracing the creativity within.

Stephanie’s space to share her creativity, love of words (and stories), and inspiration can be found at https://www.pinkowlpress.com/

Episode 141 Transcript

This is Rebecca Clark Episode 141. The wonder and power of words with Stephanie Blais Myers. Mm hmm. This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move your desk? I’m glad that you decided to take up the offer to have a discussion. I love talking with people that are up leveling themselves in some way, whether it’s work or personal life and we’ve talked before and you’ve changed jobs and done different things in your life and in this last year that have helped you grow in ways that you want to grow. But you could, you kind of give us a background on what you’re doing right now, um just to start off and who you are and anything you want to share about yourself. So, Rebecca, you came into my life at a really interesting time about a year ago, I was very satisfied in my employment as a 5th grade reading and writing teacher. You know, I was happy. I felt like I was productive and contributing. But I’ve had these other desires on the back burner in my life for several years to write and to, you know, potentially publish that’s my my end game goal. And I just haven’t been able to get anything going forward in that direction. And so some of the questions that you had asked me last year kind of um changed my train of thought of, well, if I’m spending 72 hours, 80 hours a week in a job I love, but if that job makes it so that I don’t have the energy to pursue other things that are important to me that I should think about how to have some of both, how to still work. That is satisfying, but how to also open up some time in my life for other pursuits. And so that started me on a journey that was scary honestly, because I think in teaching, unlike many professions, once you let your principal know that you’re thinking about going to another school, your job is at risk because every year they have that choice of renewing you or not. Um and if they think that you’re eve they will very often just non renew you so that the decision is kind of made. And so that was a risk factor that was scary to me as a single person um providing for myself that oh boy, I don’t want to give this up. And yet at the same time I feel like just the stars are aligning, I feel like there’s just a change coming that I meant to do. And so I pursued that I reached, I went to my principal directly and told her what I was thinking of and it was incredible that conversation went completely differently than I had expected. She was very open, she was not at all surprised. She said how can I let you help you get to your next step, who can I call, what can I do? And so to me, I had harbored all this fear of that next step when I was oblivious to the fact that there were people right in my sphere who wanted to help me, but I hadn’t reached out to them, I had not opened up that avenue for conversation and so that was very satisfying. Um and she did help me, she hooked me up with another principal who had a role open, that is a great fit for me. I’m a curriculum support teacher now, which I love. I’m still involved in the two things I care most about in the field of education, which are kids and curriculum, those are my passion areas, that’s what my um my masters degrees in curriculum and instruction. And so that just has transformed my life because when I come home at night, I can compartmentalize that work day and put my energy towards my other projects. And so that leads to pink out Press, which is a project I’ve been working on for a long while, that Rebecca you are well acquainted with that. I just get my blog launched. I just couldn’t get up the confidence or the time. And so I’ve recently done that. And so that feels like a ratification that I’m moving in the right direction where I still have a job that, you know, meets my needs financially and otherwise, but I also know that I have time and energy to pursue some private passions at night. That’s so great to hear. I know you were struggling with that trying to get it up but also thinking, oh, this is kind of scary and everything. So it’s great to hear that you got it up and that you are in a job that’s kind of allowing you more space to pursue that. At the same time, it has been a game changer. Okay to not just like you were mentioning with your teaching challenges, it’s like it’s so satisfying, but at the same time, especially the grading and the preparation work, I don’t think that most people understand the behind the scenes work that teacher forth into making that lesson happen and that is time consuming and it does drain your energy even if it’s satisfying and so have I feel like I’ve come to more of a balance of doing things that I really care about that. I feel like are important things for me to do, but in a more moderated way, that’s great because now you, I know you shared a few weeks ago, I think that you went live with your blog and um I’ve started that journey, are you still in that phase of Okay, I got it up and that’s enough or are you starting into the next steps now of what you want to do with that’s going forward or is this that’s a great question I had so much again, fear. And I mean it’s revealing to use that word multiple times, but just those fears of how is this going to be received? Is anyone going to look at it? Is anyone gonna care? Will people think it’s stupid? Is it an over share of my personal life, What what will happen as a result of doing this? I just had all these questions in my mind. And so it’s been very satisfying. Just you know, mostly at this point, the people who have looked at it have been friends and family members. It is fun to look at the analytics from the Wix website, which again, is just a tool that I’ve learned that I had zero knowledge of or expertise in a few months ago that I still don’t have much, but I have a little bit more. And so just to look at that and see, oh, you know, someone from Spain looked at my blog, anyone in Spain, That’s so cool. I wonder how they found it or or what they thought. And so it has definitely confirmed that I want to continue with that. I have posted anything new, but I have a few posts ready to post and in january I’m going to do kind of along with the new year, a spending the year of what I did remodeling my cottage in my backyard. Oh, being with the, what it was like when I purchased my home and and what it looks like now as a hopefully motivational project to other ladies men, others out there who, who wanted to a project and don’t really have the expertise but have some good friends and, and have some good ideas. Well that’s kind of a theme. And some of the things you sound like you’re pursuing, you’re, you’re kind of getting, uh, you have a desire or an inkling to pursue something. And even if you don’t know how to create the website or how to update the cottage or how to take the next step of the book, you’re like figuring it out and you continue to move forward. I feel like that’s a pattern that I’ve had in my lifetime. I have a very cerebral family and, and so we all have different pursuits that we’re passionate about for periods of time. And so I’ve learned a lot from my siblings and watching what they do and, and how they do it. What kind of risks they are willing to take or not willing to take. You know, just overall having that support of, hey, try it if you want to do it, do it. You know, that is huge. There are so many people I talked to, whether it’s in coaching or just general conversations with friends where there’s so many people that want to pursue what they love and they start to pursue it and those closest to them are like, why are you doing that? Like that doesn’t pay the bills or you’re not going to succeed? Like there’s other people already doing it. And so having that kind of network around you is really a big deal because it’s surprising to hear for many of us that can be something that it’s a mindset thing, right? It starts to make you question yourself and we already do that in general. But then when the layer of people around us do that, it can often throw some of us off a bit. And so true. A few years ago when the research on mindsets was really coming into vogue in popular culture, I heard a phrase I don’t, I can’t recall where it was a ted talker somewhere, but it was why not me, Why not Me? And that phrase really stuck with me when I am doing that self doubt or coming across people who, who might not believe in me or who question what I wanna do, you know, other people pursue their dreams every day. That is really a guiding phrase for me right now. That is an interesting phrase because a woman I spoke with today, she’s going to be in a different interview, I believe she just changed her podcast name to that. Um I would love to check it out. Yeah, so that’s something to look at because it is a great phrase to remind, I mean it almost has to be on the wall because without comes in so much, wow well and you have, you’ve overcome many challenges in your life to get to this point and you’re still like despite challenges, you still move forward with education with work with pursuing your dreams and that kind of thing. What are some lessons that you feel like you’ve learned along the way that you think would be important to share with someone, right, someone you’re sitting there talking to going, hey, can I help you through this journey? I think that there there have been two things that have really helped guide me out of dark places. One is powerful quotes from people that I believe in their message, not just random quotes, but really understanding a little bit about their life and maybe where that quote came from and looking for ways to apply it in my life. And so I really feel like, You know, it’s kind of 80’s old school Nike, having those positive messages on your mirror in places where you look at night, I have a journal by my bed at night that I write in when I wake up and have a thought. But I also always keep some quotes handy there by that journal. Just to remind me constantly of like, hey, you’re here for a purpose, figure out your purpose and spend your time maximizing your purpose and figure out how to edit down things in your life that are taking up your time that aren’t impactful for you or for other people. And so I did bring a I dug out a couple examples. Well I didn’t have to dig very far because I have these on my mirrors and other places. But like these little quote cards I think are so beneficial already. The because I know you can’t really see them. But you know these days you can you can print for yourself where you can find quotes and and make them nice and have them around your home on your fridge, whatever This one says the minute you begin to do something different, you will have a different kind of life. And I quote by my computer when I was working on my blog because I just needed to remind myself of that fact which I believe wholeheartedly that the men start to do something different. Different actions are going to come your way. Different people, different ideas. Um I really believe in the idea of flow and getting into that flow and having your mind be open to what’s out there and what is possible. This is one that I keep on my fridge a year from now. You will wish you had started today. Mm hmm yep. To me that is just so so true that like I just we can talk more about it maybe at a later time in the interview. But I I was in a very difficult marriage where I wasn’t always in control of my own agency. So as a result of that, I feel like I I lost some years of my life where I really just gave my my agency away and how that was. But the outcome for me is that like, I want to squeeze every minute that I can grab out of every day and use it for a purpose that in those past times I would be like wishing and dreaming of this other life that seemed to be parallel to the one I was living. It seemed possible, but it was just out of my reach. And so I dreamed of a time when I could just fully make my own decisions and and that is this time. And so I have no regrets about that other life I lived because I wanted that life wholeheartedly, but it’s it’s time has has come and gone. And so has its purpose. I have a different purpose now. That’s great to see you embracing it. And I know that what’s come up in prior discussions is you mentioning talking about how do you bring what you want to learn from the past forward with you and have the courage to share with people the hard stuff and the good stuff right? Like, and and I think what you’re kind of sharing has to do with um how as we look back at all of our experiences, we can choose to see how they helped us grow and help us learn, but also we can choose to respect that some of them were at a certain time and place your having new experiences. Now you can choose to discard some you can choose to save some like we get to choose what to do with all that information and experience that’s so powerful. Having that in our lives is so powerful. We still live in a world where many do not have the power to choose and those of us who who can I think have have a responsibility to do it now. That’s great. In fact, as you’re talking about this, it’s it’s interesting how when you talk to a lot of people that are trying to actively move forward right? And pursue their interest and create what they feel compelled to create. There’s this desired up level. But in it come all these emotions and different things that where we do feel like I’m glad you talked about the quotes right? Like being able to put sentences in front of you that remind you of the possibilities and keeping the journal out so that you can write down that idea when it comes to you so you can remember it so that you can act on it and bring whatever it is that you bring you know into the world. And I think as we we all need to recognize what it is that speaks to us. Um Beauty looks different to different people to me. There’s so much beauty and words and that has always been true from my very earliest memories with you know, choosing a book off of the book mobile and just thinking that that was like a bus filled with books, what could possibly be better than that. And carrying that into adulthood with the thought of those books were authored by people who lived in, many of whom are probably gone from this earth now, but they left behind this legacy in their words. And that’s really a key motivator for me with my written work and my my goal, you know, my dream. Well that makes me realize I didn’t ask you to share about your website at all because you kind of as you’ve shared some things I’m reminded, wait a second, she has a cottage on her website. Oh wait a second. She talks about words on her website and your website. I believe you had a struggle knowing feeling like maybe you were supposed to just put one part of you on there but then you realize you could put these different parts together. Can you share with us some of the different kinds of things you’re sharing on your website? Yeah, for sure. I think you know, a word that you said earlier that just resonates with me. You said creative people do X Y Z or I’ve talked with these creative people who do this and I really hold on to that moniker. I really, that’s something I highly value is creativity and being with people who are creative also and who inspire you to create. And so that idea of creating a blog from nothing, you know, some people in modern society have this view of blogs of they’re not very meaningful. But to me, people who take that chance and and put something of themselves out there for public consumption, not knowing how it’s going to be received is um is can be a courageous act. And so for me, I actually started with seven different ideas that I was passionate about and wanted to share. But then I came all the way back to one because I just felt like it was overwhelming. But in the end I ended up with three sections because I just couldn’t decide on one and once I got it down to two, I was like, oh, this is a tiebreaker for two and three. And so I just went through that process of what I felt most strongly about. And so the three areas that I ended up with, one of the sections is called cottage spaces for creatives. And in that section, it is my plan to do like home renovation ideas for um creating beautiful scenes in your home on a budget, how to do it on the cheap, how to achieve a look on the cheap and um to have it be beautiful so that your home feels like that haven, that escaped from the world. So that’s one of my sections and I’m planning to highlight my cottage and the renovation of my cottage in that section. The next section is called chalk. And originally in my mind, this section was like inspirational ideas for educators. But as it has expanded, as some non educators have looked at my blog, they have given me some feedback of maybe changing some of that language because it’s really more life inspiration than just for educators. And so I’m just kind of thinking that through right now. And then the third section is called wonder. And the subtitle for it is the Wonder of words. And in that section is where I place um like short stories that I have written, I have written a book about my experience with domestic violence and divorce with someone that you love. And I may place some of those chapters in that section. I’m seeking, I’m actively seeking a publisher for that book. And so we’ll kind of see how that goes. But I think that those three ideas are representative of different aspects of my life that I really care about right now and that I hope that people will have an interest in sharing in those things with me. I think they will right? You know, this in fact, I think we talked about this at one point how, you know, in this struggle to figure out how to represent yourself to the world and trying to decide if it’s one thing or seven like you went and then down to two and three and two really notice that for every person that says, no, you should only have one thing you can find. There’s hundreds of people that have decided to do a couple of things and it resonated better and it works right? And it’s wonderful to be in this time where we can decide, oh, I want to show these three parts of me to the world and I feel comfortable doing that and trusting that you showing up as you will bring the people to you that resonates with you in that way, which I hope, I hope that they will find their way to me. I think it it’s one at a time sometimes, and then it’s five and then it’s whatever one of the interesting things that came to my mind, Well, it’s interesting to me, at least I don’t know anything. But um as I see you, you know, you have some decorations behind you that I’m assuming you put together and then you’re talking about this creativity with the cottage and everything to recognize as I go through life and as I talked to their people what creativity means to them and how different it is for each of us, it’s just an expression of ourselves, right? And it doesn’t mean you have to be good at baking cookies or sewing or something, right? There’s many ways to express it. What are all the creative ways you express your ideas and your talents? Oh my goodness! My earlier self would have answered this question very differently. I was actually originally a fashion design major, which I love clothes, I love design, I think I have an inherent ability in that area. My mother is very talented in this lane, but when I got to college my drawing skills were average compared to the people who were in the program and so I left that program. Whereas now I think with the computer aided design and other ways that people are able to get their ideas out of their head and onto paper and to share to communicate their ideas effectively. In other ways I might be in a different field entirely. But as a result of that experience, I felt like I couldn’t call myself an artist because that to me was reserved for these few people whose talent was literally just breathtaking and that that wasn’t me, but what I have learned as an adult and some of this came later, like maybe 10, 15 years ago when I became introduced to the design thinking concept and went to a training at a school in California on teaching using the design thinking method and they thought I was so creative and I was like, it was, it was an awakening, a reawakening of I I have have all these latent things that I just loved to do wrapping packages, to designing an outfit, to making a home space feel beautiful too. You know, making my classroom a place that kids felt safe and comfortable and all of those things that contribute back to that word. Beauty to me. Beauty and creativity are almost inseparable. And so what may be beautiful to me may not be as beautiful to someone else. I’m gonna post some of these pictures on my blog this week of my home. But to me, I’ll give you an example of creativity in this little scene behind me. I collect these little paper houses and people, you know, give them to me. They see that I collect those. So over time students and family members and neighbors have given me these little houses. This is only a very small sampling of, Oh and and the little characters that go with them. To me that is the beauty in it. Every place that you would look in here, you would see a story. Well, I have this little girl back here, you can tell that she’s in like vintage where you know, her little green coat with the brass buttons and her hat and she’s holding some holly like you probably can’t see it because it’s kind of far away, I can get it for you if you want. She’s holding some holly. But while decorating it, I’m going to just go grab this one little piece I had just a sprig of holly and one of my holiday boxes and I took that out and then I had this little tiny, like holly baby, oh, cute! And so in my mind, right then a fully formed story of this little girl finding this holly baby and bringing this baby home came to life. And so that night I was just sitting down with my pad and and writing this christmas story. And so to me, that’s what creativity is, it’s just like being aware of beauty in the moment and not letting it pass you by. Like, I have experiences like that all the time, I think most of us do, but we don’t slow down and say, wait, this is happening for I’m going to do something with this moment that’s thinking in my head visible to me because very often I don’t write them down and then I forget the idea, or it’s just lost after that special little moment where you have that flicker of that spark of whatever you wanna call it, creativity curiosity is, it’s really fun when you pursue it, right? And I I love that you sat down and in that moment brought it all together. I feel like as I listen to you talking about it, I’m reminded of life moments where I act on it immediately and when you act on it immediately and have such a great little product created from it. Like you can look down and read the story, it’s almost like you immediately increase your awareness and then you take that awareness with you and then you start seeing it in everything right? Like that. Oh, there’s a story here, There’s a story there, oh, there’s a lesson, It’s so true. And now I have a baby granddaughter, she’s almost one. And I think if this story goes nowhere, I’ll read the story to her one day, you know, different kind of of satisfaction just in creating something that, you know, is your own. It’s just deeply satisfying. I love it. Yeah, it’s just, it’s something that never existed before in that shape or form comes together from that moment and you can claim it, you can claim a little pieces have been, you know, I store them in my basement all year long to get them out around the holidays. And but I’ve never put those two pieces together in a display before. And I think that that’s just so such a story for life Over here and this exists over here in the moment, in which you see them under one umbrella, it changes your viewpoint, right? So I look for those moments and they’re everywhere they are. In fact, it’s reminding me of a book that I’ve listened to a few times. I’ll have to share it with you. This is a whole episode and of itself called range my generalist triumph in a specialized world and it’s really showing its really basically saying that none of your experiences, you never veered off the path, really right? Like even if you had all these odd jobs and experiences, no one else can bring that together in the way that you can and you have no idea what all of those prepare you for going forward. That is everyone who’s lived right? Just an insane thought to me. Yeah, I just feel like, oh my gosh, I hope I live a long life because there are so many things that I want to do. But even as you say that you are saying that with a certain mindset, right? Because there’s others that have gone through your exact experiences that are like this was wasted. That’s it’s such a bad thing, like all these things and they’re not going to use it or think of it in that way, which means that the next few years of life, whatever those are for each individual will be used differently right based upon. And I think we all go through our own periods of mind churn and worry and anger and all the emotions about whatever happens in life, but how lucky it is that those of us who choose to keep going forward and going, okay, I’m going to bring this all together in a way that creates something, I think that’s so powerful. Just that idea of reframing happened like the same thing still happened, but the way we perceive it and internalize it, that is so up to us. And just while I was thinking about having this conversation with you in addition to the quote, the other thing that I thought that I wanted to just have on hand was a symbol because I think in lots of different parts of my life, whether it’s coaching cheerleading, being a teacher, um, you know, teaching a lesson in sunday school that the power of symbols has been just a really active part of my life for as long as I can remember. And so I wanted to to share, you know, you had asked the question of of what of your journey might you be willing to share? And I have not shared this with anyone yet. So you’re you’re going to be my first person. And it came in a reframing moment with my now adult son. Um, we were talking about the divorce and about how difficult that had been for all of us, including him, he was 14 years old at the time that that I filed for divorce and so definitely a pivotal age for a young man in his development. And he said, he asked me the question of how did we end up getting to this place? And I said, well, tell me more how where’s this question coming from? And he said, well, I know that you and dad really loved each other so much. And that is really what I have hung on to for the last 10 years that regardless of everything terrible that happened was that I really knew that you and dad had something special. Like I didn’t see that necessarily with other friends, parents that I knew that my parents really loved each other and so that actually happened at his home in colorado and when I came home I looked in my jewelry box to see if I still had this and I did um this is a little like dime store, you know where you put your quarter in and you get some put in a plastic little container. The first night that I met my ex husband we were in a store, we got french fries and then we were in some store and he got this ring and put it, it’s tiny, it’s made for a child. He pinky finger like that was it for me a $10 you know, ring like a store and I, I decided to put it in this little box, you know little ring box that I had kept it in for many years at the time of the divorce, it represented so much heartache to me and after that conversation with my son and I came home and I got it out and I felt something that was just really close to joy and peace that I was so happy to hear that despite all of the problems and the things that happened in our marriage that our son did know that we loved each other and that that is now sustaining him as an adult. And so I was able to go from looking at this symbol, this like this was just kind of oh, this is everything that could have been. That I wish had been, can look at it and be like, that’s everything that was it was real and I had worked out forever. I think we all go into marriage hoping for that and wishing for that. And that’s what happened in our case. But I have no regret about about loving him. Like it for real. It was authentic and it was deep and it was for real. And so to me that was just a really good lesson in the we choose to remember things, the hurt that we decide to attach to them or changing that mindset into seeing it differently into seeing it for what good it was in that moment and branding it for something that came later. But keeping it kind of in its original purity. I have just found that to be very satisfying. And that has been a very recent just within the last few weeks development for me. And so I know that there is there are people who are in pain because of relationships that they are in that are no longer working, that angst of trying to decide what to do and how to do it and what if you need to leave, what if it’s a safety. You know, you’re no longer safe with that person, what can you do and what should you do? And so to me this is just a reminder that that I was strong enough to do what needed to be done even though it was the hardest choice. And even as you shared that I realized also that how you have taken, you’ve been able to take this and see the lesson in this ring just in the same way as you I saw in the doll a few minutes ago, right? You’ve been able to share a complete story and lessons learned around this little experience in this little ring which is very creative but also powerful in other ways, right? I feel like you are sitting here coaching. Yeah. His experience is just to me they add up to my life’s wish which is telling about my own life, true experiences and also lands and people that I make up in my own mind. I am fascinated by words and by the power of words and they they have saved me from something that that could have gone in a really different direction for me. I just feel like I have a different life to live now. And I can see as you are sharing your stories. It’s this reminder that all of the challenges in our life we can use towards growing ourselves and also being able to be a guide or a friend or mentor to others in our lives and I know that once people start looking at your website and they learn more about you and read what you’re sharing with the world that they’re going to want to learn more and of course we’ll see where it goes right, like you never know, I love how you have this desire to write and to get a book published and get a website up. But what’s very interesting is also being on a journey like this and going, oh I am inspired to do these things, but I don’t know if these will be the ultimate things that I send up, spending my life doing, it might be a step before another step and to just be open to whatever that leads to wherever that goes right, I’m on a path that I want to be on, I want to see where it goes, right? Oh yeah, so that’s a good feeling. That’s the, you know, that’s the the first time in a long time that like I really say that I want to see what’s next, I can’t wait to see what’s next. Well, and I can’t wait to interview you a year from now and see what happens in between, right? Because it’s just interesting to see what happens, especially for people that are not defaulting and aren’t getting in a rut that are trying to move forward like you are and explore and figure out that right path and move forward on it. Do you have instrumental in that journey for me? You know, I really, I was in a rut, I was stuck when uh when my sister Debbie told me about some of her conversations with you and how you had helped her change lanes, changed her thinking um reinvents some aspects of her own self that were no longer serving her and I just need to talk to you and it’s, it has been life changing and again, it’s scary to open up yourself to someone else. You don’t know how they’re going to view what your journey has been. So it’s so freeing to give yourself that gift to take down those fear barriers and just to be open and authentic and and let people tell you what they think for real, not what you want to hear what you hope will happen, but you know, give you that careful guidance of, hey, think about this, this will work, maybe try this, maybe just try it all of those kinds of phrases and I have taken that to heart because I have some dreams, I need help. I need other people with me to realize those dreams. Well, it’s fun to be on this journey with you and it’s so interesting when you’re interacting with people like it, where you’re the one asking the questions and um going back and forth, like even a coaching setting to realize that the coach is often just there asking a few questions and the other person is the one doing all the changing right? And it’s so fun to witness and hear um certain things that you’re talking about and go, oh wow, like you’ve been doing work on your thoughts and on your journey and different things that I can even see as someone from the outside um and notice like, oh, you’re further on the path than when I last talked to you because you were more hesitant about going out into the world and saying certain things or putting a website out and now you’re like, yeah, I’ve got my website up. I’m putting some stories up, probably some more chapters and it’s so wonderful to see because I think when I see that in someone else that I know it gives me a boost of confidence to like, I think I’m going to keep doing this to, I’m going to keep putting my stuff out there and see what happens. I think it’s critical for creatives to surround themselves with other creatures because that energy just, it spurs you on, it helps you overcome the doubt. I wanted to give you a chance to think about what is something you feel like you haven’t said or shared, that you feel like it would be important to leave with people that might be listening to this conversation. Oh my gosh, I think just as a lover of words, I would say read good books, read books that are uplifting and that support where you want to go in my recent journey, I’ve I’ve read all kinds of books that were never on my bookshelf before, like about creative spaces and and blogging for creative people and blogging for a message instead of for monetization of a website, how to how to write with heart instead of worrying about whether you might be able to make a living doing it. And once I started just thinking about those things, I came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s big magic. If you haven’t read that book, it is a must read. This is a paraphrase of what she says, but she said something to the effect that the greatest trick the universe plays on us is to bury these little jewels in our path and our our life’s work is to find them to unearth them and to bring them to light. And that that’s the magic, that’s the magic in all of us. And I believe in that for myself and for other people. And so I’m constantly seeking out people who who give me positive vibes and that I can also, you know, give it right back to them, help them on their journey to because I find myself more and more just connecting with people who also are trying to do something new and maybe it’s just energy force you have when you’re pursuing something different, you attract that or that you’re looking for it. And so you’re listening open to those possibilities, but I would definitely say that Read good books, read good words and when you find them, share them with others. Hopefully that’ll be me. One of these days. It already is you and today you’re doing it. That’s beautiful. In fact, I that is one of the things. If I look at my short list of things that I love, I realized I I just love having a good book going on in the headphones and mowing the lawn or taking a walk or whatever. Like very few things bring more joy than that. We get to create our own little world with other people’s words. I mean that right? That’s so great. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for sharing everything you shared and uh, to do it again a year ago. I don’t think I would have done this. I wouldn’t have thought I had anything to say, but Right, Yeah, you’re already there. Well, that’s my opinion. Right? But thank you again. And where can people find you online as they look you up? I hope they will. Pink owl press. I would love to hear from you have some comments. Um, join my subscriber list. Okay. And that’s Pink owl press. Okay? Oh, yeah. Like a reading owl. Is that what it is? Okay. I can’t believe that. Just barely dawned on me. So. Great. Well, thank you again. And thank you. Good luck. Been a pleasure. Thank you. Okay, thanks for listening to the show today. If you enjoyed it, I’d love if you’d write a review and share the show with your friends, sign up for a weekly nudge at move your desk dot com. Mm hmm.

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