“To be or not to be?’

That is not the question.

What is the question?

The question is not one of being, but of becoming. ‘To become more or not to become more’

This is the question faced by each intelligence in our universe.”

Truman G. Madsen

What do you want?

You want different outcomes than you have right now.

Not that anything you’ve experienced or accomplished in the past is wrong, bad, or not enough.

You just desire more for yourself.

You are always accomplishing, but not quite feeling accomplished. A teeter totter of thoughts – the back and forth between knowing you can do hard things (with certificates to prove it) and wondering if you still must do more to keep proving yourself…to yourself and others.

Fear of Getting Coached?

Getting a coach might not be something you’ve thought of before because it may sound a bit fluffy or too personal for you.

It may be kind of scary from a vulnerability perspective. And, it could be a tough process.

You won’t like some of what you find – the patterns, the default thinking, the judgements of self and others.

But, you aren’t broken. You are learning, experimenting, and making mistakes toward discovering the potential that is already in you.

You are already enough, but you may not know it.

You keep searching, learning, and achieving trying to become enough for whatever job or business you think will make you happier or more successful.

You are doing the best you can with what you have and what you know.

You just hadn’t yet discovered further tools that will help you with this next level of growth.

But, you just stumbled upon it today.

Here’s how I go about offering coaching to you:

Observe Your Brain

We’ll sit on a virtual couch together (or at a virtual desk) and take a look at your brain as if you extracted it and placed it on the living room coffee table.

You’ll talk. I’ll listen.

We’ll both observe.

I’ll ask questions. I’ll offer possibilities.

You’ll push back.

I’ll push back.

You’ll get different emotions – excited, fearful, angry, sad, motivated, and frustrated.

It’s all ok.

We are just looking at what is going on in the brain.

Deciding What to Do

Observing is great, but what next?

Figuring out what to do with the observation.

Are you going to make it mean something? Do you want to change what you see? Why or why not?

How will you change it?

We’ll discuss it all together and you’ll do work by yourself.

You will learn how to decide what you want in this process.

Exploring How to Get it Done

Once you’ve made decisions, you get to execute the actions to get it done.

I’ll share tools of the trade for you to consider implementing. You will adjust these to fit your needs.

One of my primary tools is the use of frameworks that organize information – to solve problems, to manage time, to make decisions, to …do anything!

You will get it done. Whatever it is, because you want to become the best version of you.

Accountability & Maintainence

I’ll follow up with you.

I’ll be available to you.

I’ll hold you accountable for what you say you want for yourself.

But, the work is up to you. It’s your work.

I’m here to remind you what YOU want. Or, step back as you figure something out.

You may adjust what you really want through this process.

Teach You to Fish

I will show you how to manage your mind.

I will teach you how to coach yourself.

We will be on this journey together, until we are not.

You will work with me for a while and then move on to your next teacher, mentor, or life desire.

It’s ok.

You’ve learned how to keep becoming.

I’ll be your coach

I’m here.

Coaching myself.

Coaching others.

Getting coached.

I’m ready.

Are you ready to move your desk?

I can help you with the mindset, the tools, and the skills that you can use to take you there.

“You cannot change your destination overnight. You can change your direction. “

Jim Rohn

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Pumpkin Soufflé
With bourbon, cinnamon and molasses sauce

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