Move Your Desk

A Career Coach with Depth and Breadth!

As a storyteller, Rebecca Clark is gifted. As a coach, she is wise, sharing lessons formed in the crucible of a complex and challenging career. Shows of this variety tend to offer seen-it-a-thousand-times platitudes. Rebecca’s insight comes from the lived-in place of experience. Subscribe. Listen. Become attuned to her voice, it’s one you can trust.

Stitcher Review of the Move Your Desk podcast

~ arotolo

Are you ready to move your desk?

It’s incredibly helpful to work with someone on your journey to offer up your best work! You’ve already spent a lot of time thinking, learning, experimenting, and trying to figure it out.

Perhaps it is time to work with a coach to guide you on your journey. Click here to work with Rebecca.

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I have to listen again!

Rebecca Clark has found a way to provide tools, techniques, templates, and exemplars of ways to do my best work. Woven throughout her stories and expert knowledge are nuggets for immediate application. Well done!

Stitcher Review of the Move Your Desk podcast

~ darlingdes

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