Jim Palmer – Navy Veteran, Executive, Confidence Course Coaching for military professionals launching into civilian careers

I was honored to be a guest on the podcast, Move Your Desk hosted by Rebecca Clark. In Episode 105, we talked about the work we do for transitioning Veterans and others. Please go check it out! I encourage you to add Rebecca’s podcast to your weekly routine. A coach like me, Rebecca provides insight and encouragement for work performance and transitions, boss relationships, and helps you offer up your best work. you can also follow her on IG and FB @Move Your Desk .

Career Transitions can be tough. You have no idea what to expect, and it can be a time of questioning past experience, skills, and capabilities, Rebecca advises.

Veterans who transition from the military to new industries and corporations may find additional challenges in this transition period. What may seem day-to-day expectations in a corporate environment (e.g. wearing a suit or responding to authority figures differently) can represent dramatic mindset shifts for those coming from a military way of life.

I am a Navy Veteran who successfully transitioned into civilian life and made my way into the executive suite. I’ve combined my experience with career transitions alongside my coaching skills to develop tools to help others going through professional or personal transitions in life.

Join me as I share my journey, trends I see with others making these transitions, as we build confidence and self-encouragement to keep up your personal and professional development efforts.

Jim Palmer

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