Work With Me

Individual Coaching

Coaching package includes 1:1 weekly session, email support, & assignments. Packages available (career next steps, entrepreneurial mindset, weight/drinking)

Group Coaching

Membership provides a monthly course, resources, & a weekly group coaching session (recordings available) related to career, personal growth, mind management. Coming July 2020

To learn about any option above (or special requests for groups & organizations), sign up for a free session below or submit a request through email.

Getting Coached!

You give your best to your work.

Yet, you have the desire to move into something new – the next level, a new career, or even a side gig.

No matter what you do to thwart it, the desire is still there.

You have all the thoughts – how hard it will be, the cost, all the time it will take, all the new things to learn. You will be a beginner again. You will fail.

Confident one day, fearful the next.

It may be hard. That’s why everyone IS’NT doing it!

The hard is the necessary. The figuring it out, the pressing forward, the faith that must come before there is any evidence that you will succeed.

Your mind will tell you lots of things to keep you from going on this journey. And, will slow you down once you’ve decided.

I can help you it. I’ll be your coach, your guide on the side.

Let’s get started!

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