Is it time for a change?

Transition to a new job or career

Uplevel skills

Improve work relationships

Influence those you lead

Figure out what you really want to do

I use my experience, skills, & tools from leading people, managing change, coaching, training, & psychology to help you offer up your best work.

You will find out what is keeping you from giving your highest contribution.

It will be uncomfortable. It will require deep introspection.

But, like many hard things, it will be worth it.

Step into discomfort | Do the Work | Get the Results

I’ll journey with you.

Unpacking what’s going on in your head.

Showing you things.

Exploring options.

Questioning your excuses without judgement.

We’ll talk about anything you want to discuss.

And, explore these topics

Work & Personal Development Goals

Who You Are, What You Offer & What You Want to Become

Attributes, Skills, Experience, & Interests

Tackle the Challenges on the Journey

Manage Your Mind, Your Habits & Your Time

Resume Review & Updates

Connecting You to People & Info

Tech Tool Help


Coach with Depth & Breadth!

As a storyteller, Rebecca Clark is gifted. As a coach, she is wise, sharing lessons formed in the crucible of a complex and challenging career. Shows of this variety tend to offer seen-it-a-thousand-times platitudes. Rebecca’s insight comes from the lived-in place of experience. Subscribe. Listen. Become attuned to her voice, it’s one you can trust.

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