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You know your desk well.

It’s where you create, organize, and focus on your work.

You desk can be so comfortable that you forget you can move it. Or, remove yourself from it.

It’s the same with your mindset!

The mind gets stuck in doing things that aren’t helping you move forward.

As a coach, I use the experience, skills, and tools from multiple disciplines (psychology, leadership and management, coaching, and learning theory) to help you achieve that next level of work performance.

You will find out what is keeping you from giving your highest contribution.

It will be uncomfortable.

It will be humbling.

It will require deep personal introspection.

But, like many hard things, it will be worth it.

Step into discomfort | Do the Work | Get the Results

I’ll journey with you, sitting at a virtual desk. Unpacking what’s going on in your head. Showing you things. Exploring options. Questioning your excuses without judgement. Helping you figure out why you haven’t arrived at your desired work destination …YET.

Coaching & Course Topics

We’ll go through a journey exploring your mind around these topics (and anything else you want to talk about).


Reflecting on what you truly want and why you don’t have it yet.


Perceived challenges to getting what you want. We’ll talk about these at length because wrapped in these are beliefs about yourself, others, your work, and your money.


Discovering why these are important to growth in every aspect of life.

Planning and Doing

Taking all of the desires and turning these into a set of goals, habits, and time management approaches that serve your growth.

Maintaining Growth

Executing plans, adjusting as goals shift, learning how to navigate success and failure.


Identify and incorporate ways to measure your progress, success, failures, and insights to continue up-leveling your work.


Incorporating personal and professional development pursuits that support your work.

Self-Coach Yourself

Learn how to coach yourself beyond this coaching experience.

Make the Move Experience

Transformation Coaching

Self-paced Online Learning
(8 weeks)
(Course + Live/Recorded Sessions)
  • Weekly topics in video & worksheets
  • Live (recorded) training & coaching
1:1 Coaching Package
(12 weeks)
(Includes Make the Move Experience)
  • Individual 1:1 weekly coaching
  • Weekly mini-course
  • Live (recorded) training & coaching

Corporate Coaching & Consulting Packages

We can work together to design a special consulting arrangement or group coaching package for your organization. Please submit an online form request or schedule a time to discuss.


Coach with Depth & Breadth!

As a storyteller, Rebecca Clark is gifted. As a coach, she is wise, sharing lessons formed in the crucible of a complex and challenging career. Shows of this variety tend to offer seen-it-a-thousand-times platitudes. Rebecca’s insight comes from the lived-in place of experience. Subscribe. Listen. Become attuned to her voice, it’s one you can trust.

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