Episode 13 – Distracting My Relax

Are you taking care of yourself? Respecting your own boundaries and space, especially the time you need to re-charge or re-focus? A fun little moment with Tiny Person reminded me to stand up for myself to protect my space.

Episode 13 Show Notes

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Episode 13 Script

This is Rebecca Clark. Episode 13 Distracting My Relax This’ll podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work but are compelled to seek it out and do it. Are you ready to move? You will often hear me. Talk about tiny person and tiny person is my son. He’s then that pre K age, and it’s been really fun toe learn from this little guy over the last few years. I am, I guess, an older mother. I had him when I was in my mid forties. I’m coming to this experience of raising a child after having all of these years of working and traveling and growing and learning. And so it’s been quite surprising to me to realize there’s all these territories of emotions and experiences that I didn’t know as much about that. I thought I knew about because I had been raised in a large family. And so there is no end of fun moments and experiences that I have with this little guy on a daily basis. And, of course, along with that, there’s painful experiences when he says things are does things that I think where on Earth. Did you learn that from? Because it didn’t come from this house. But that’s all part of the experience. I had not intended on sharing this story, but I started thinking about it more and realized I wanted to, because the other night tiny person was taking a bath and he was involved in some kind of daydream. His eyes were looking up and he was thinking and his hands were flapping all over the place. And so I thought I I kind of want to pull him out of this. I know he’s in some kind of imaginative car race or race running against friends or something, because he, you know, cars racing, whatever. Same like Hey, little man, what are you thinking to kind of pull him out of it? I said this two or three times, and he just wasn’t coming out of it until finally I somehow got his attention and he stopped and he slapped his hands in the water, which made it go everywhere. And he looked over at me and he was super angry. And he said, Stop, Mommy, You are distracting My relax now. Yeah, He loves his big words kind of uses bigger words than I do, I think, but distracting my relax. He was so angry that I interrupted this dream. He was having this imaginative story in his head. He expressed it. He’s very good at expressing emotion. I’m hopefully teaching him to do that in the proper ways or not proper. I don’t know what. Either way, we’re learning, and I’ve been thinking a lot about that as I’ve shared this moment with others because I think it’s such a great little phrase distracting my relax. It reminds me of some people that are in my life at work and personal life, where they’re very good at setting boundaries and one person in particular. I know that if he had gym time and you were in the middle of discussing something important in a meeting, he would say, I’m sorry. We need to continue this later. I have a commitment. I think most of us knew that this person’s commitment was the gym or to eat or something. But he kept it, and shockingly we honored it. None of us fought back and said, No, no, don’t take care of yourself. Stay in our meeting this is more important. We just kind of stop and pause. And later people might comment like, Can you believe this person’s leaving this meeting to go work out? Why don’t they change their workout time? Well, of course, we know that most of our environments, if you change your workout time, it doesn’t matter. There’s always gonna be a meeting. And he deemed important enough to excuse himself and leave the meetings to go take care of this. And I know a lot of people like this where they have a commitment. They stick to it and it’s a form of self care. And maybe they’ve experienced the opposite. I don’t know of not taking care of themselves and realizing I’m committed, no matter what, going through this experience this week about the distracting, my relax and thinking about what that means in a broader sense, realize that that’s a great term to use, despite its perfect or imperfect use of the English language. But part of setting a boundary for ourselves is teaching other people to respect when we need time and space to accomplish something, and I know myself, I am the biggest offender of not respecting my own space. I will get a phone call or an email or text and all of a sudden realized, Oh, this isn’t something I wanted to do. But I feel like I have to. And then I have to wait a minute and say, Wait a second. What are my boundaries or what should I reach out and do? And that could be hard. Some people are so good at setting boundaries that after a while, you don’t you know, want to interact with them. Maybe, and that’s okay. Maybe they don’t want you to interact with, um, who knows? But we all have a chance to do this for ourselves. And if we do it from the right place, it’s to take care of ourselves so that we can better offer our best to the world in whatever capacity that is, if we’re staying at home working at home, helping those at home, if we’re in an office environment, if we’re offering things up virtually wherever we are. And so I just wanted to share this thought today as kind of dope in the door of talking about boundaries and all those situations for ourselves and hope that you and I can all think of one thing that we can set a boundary on for ourselves. And if that’s interrupted, we don’t have to slap water and yell. But we can say, you know what? That’s gonna distract me. That’s going to keep me away from what I intended to do. Right now, I’m gonna have to pass maybe another time. Or here’s a better time that this will work or this is a better way that I can help. So have a great day. Make sure no one distracts you from your relax. I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you for listening to another episode of the move Your best show. If you enjoyed listening, I would love if you would take the time to give a five star review and share the podcast with friends that are seeking to find and do their best work.

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