If you had to do what I do

The other day I made a comment to my boss that there were a lot of things to juggle and I was going to try to catch up in the next few days. I acknowledged that he was busy too.

His response:

“Let’s trade and you’ll see if you can handle everything I have to do.”

I laughed and half heartedly agreed.

How do we know if what we do is harder than what another has to do?

Many of us do think that we have it tougher than others. Haven’t all of us made that kind of comment, or the “If you had to do what I do” followed by a “you’d understand” or “you would know what I mean” or “you would have a much greater appreciation for ….”

How do we really know? And, how will we ever know since half of it is based upon a person’s inherent capabilities and talents? For someone who can’t walk, taking a package over to another building might be an amazing feat while another of us may just quickly drop the box off, run some other errands and have a conversation with someone in the same time period.

All is not equal.

In today’s world, with all of the knowledge and services based workers, it can be really difficult to tell. Plus, speak nothing of the inward battles that rage and may prevent us from fully focusing on the work. Another may be dis-engaged because they are addicted to a Facebook game and still others to reading articles about health issues or minute by minute weather reports.

It is slow, but I am learning, not to compare. We are all different. It is OK. We need differences. We aren’t all created equal, in respect to talents, gifts and ability to accomplish. We all have our roles.

As for my boss, I can’t change what he thinks though it isn’t for a lack of trying. Right now my job is to do my job well and make his job easier. He may never know, until I leave, what “I have to do that he will then have to do.”

But, that is something that can wait for another time because right now I’ve got to do some work. And, boss, it is 6:03 p.m. and I’m just getting started on this half of the work day….but, I’m not comparing. (-;

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