Monday – beginning of Green Belt Training

I am not looking forward to this next week. I have an entire week of Green Belt training. I told my father this on a phone call on Saturday and he said there is no way green belt should take that long. He received a master black belt a few years ago and that requires weeks of training and years of projects. However, the green belt is just a simple overview.

So, I’ll see how it goes. I sure have wasted a lot of time this year on process improvement through the official channels of process improvement.

If it’s just me, I take a walk and conduct an analysis in my head, write down a few notes, call a meeting, update a chart and we are off and running with the improvements.

Guess that is just plain too “lean” for the lean process improvement process.

Alas, we of course need to give the lean trainers jobs. We wouldn’t want to “lean” them out of a job now would we?

OK, it is best that I shut my mouth and move on toward my bed.

Here’s to another absurd week.

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