Stop Whining – it’s not becoming on me

  1. whining  present participle of whine (Verb)

    1. Give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.
    2. Complain in a feeble or petulant way.


I’ve been a whiner this week. So much to do and so many interruptions. Some of the interruptions were so frequent that I found myself visibly and verbally irritated. So, I whined.

Whining is an art. You have to know when to do it and what to do after it.

It can’t be done in front of anyone. They’ll run off and tell people about how negative you are or that you are ticked off. Don’t whine in front of them. Whine, instead, in front of a trusted friend. They know you are just letting off steam OR…perhaps will tell you that you need to get a grip or take a break.

After the whining break is done, get to work. You had your chance to get it out of your system, but now it is time to prove that you were just whining and not …a whiner.

Either way, it really isn’t becoming on me. So, I need to find an isolated spot to do it or just stop it.

Hmmm. I’d better stay in this stray conference room for a bit longer.

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