Toss in a bit of Bionic Mode

Periodically we’ll post a nudge from our “Daily Nudge” series. This is nudge #17!

photo of a speed skater

Sometimes when I’m really focused and plowing forward on a project, I jokingly say that I’m in “bionic mode.”

Have you had those moments where you are full of energy, focused, and stay on task for a full one, two, three or even 12 hours?

It is amazing. You feel great because you typically have something to show for yourself at the end of this bionic sprint!

In prior nudges, we talked about just taking 15 minutes a day to work on your idea. That’s great for the day in and day out, but long-term you need time to get some “bionic mode” time to truly do the hard work of creating and moving forward your idea!

Let’s be realistic. You can’t get there every week.

Here’s a nudge – schedule one full day sometime in the next 30 days as your “bionic mode” day. 

Do what it takes to make this happen. Get a babysitter, go to the library or Barnes and Noble, sit in your car with your computer, go rent a hotel room for a day!


Can you afford not to do it?

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